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I'm just finishing the grading for the KMD Digital Journalism class that I taught at Keio. It really was a great experience and I'm looking forward to keeping in touch with the class. We've decided to keep the class together as an extracurricular project and the students will continue to work on their projects even though the class is officially over.

The class was divided into four teams. Each team had to organize a theme, at least one interview and their own method of output. Since we had less than one week, these projects are still a work in progress, but I think they made substantial progress considering the time constraints. (It was also the end of the school term and they were heavily loaded with other classwork.)

The four projects are:

1Ds - Digital Media Policy throughout the World ( site / blog )

Kyah! - Search Engines and the Future of Search ( site / blog )

OCTOPAS - How non-Japanese view the Japanese ( site / Interviews )

Sandwich - What is Photo Journalism? ( site / blog / video )

Your feedback and comments on their projects would be greatly appreciated.


really nice projects, it will be a pleasure if I can help like for Octopas project and Digital Media Policy project.


Thanks for all of your help Rafik.

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