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Joshua Ramo with Tariq Krim in background
Joshua Ramo with Tariq Krim in background (Photographed in Helsinki)

If you've been watching NBC, you have probably seen my friend Joshua Ramo. He's one of the smartest guys I know. When I first met him, he was working at Time Magazine as their International Editor. At some point, he decided to head over to China and learn Chinese.

He quickly became fluent and a favorite liaison by both the Chinese and the Americans. As a China expert, he provided advice for both sides and his understanding of both sides allows him to provide the nuanced perspective to cover the Olympics.

Recently, he's just finishing up an amazing book on the future of International Affairs. His background in physics (and complexity) combined with his work in foreign policy gives him a really interesting perspective that I'm looking forward to reading about.

Finally, he's one of my best friends and a Japanophile and is one of the few non-Japanese people who continues to surprise me with new restaurants in Japan.

Joshua's got a new website (designed by Boris) where you can download some of his CC licensed books. ;-)


He really is smart and handsome!!!!!!!!

Someone pointed out that Ramo does work for Kissinger Associates in China. It would have been good to know that prior to his commentating for NBC. One has to wonder if he felt restrained in his critiques of the Chinese government given there could be millions of dollars at stake for him and for Henry (war criminal) Kissinger.

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