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Caterina Fake

Creative Commons Press Release

Flickr Cofounder Caterina Fake Joins Creative Commons Board

San Francisco, CA, USA - August 25, 2008

Creative Commons announced today that Flickr cofounder Caterina Fake has joined its board of directors.

Fake cofounded the massively popular photo sharing site and community in early 2004. Flickr was one of the first media-sharing sites to embrace Creative Commons licensing as a way to encourage users to make their work available to the public for free and legal use. Since the site's inception, Flickr's community of photographers have licensed over 75 million photos to the public under Creative Commons copyright licenses, making it one of the biggest sources of permissively-licensed material on the Internet. CC-licensed Flickr photos are now used in a variety of projects and publications, ranging from Wikipedia to The New York Times.

In addition to just being a super-cool person, I'm really excited about getting Caterina's help figuring out how to better integrate Creative Commons into the tools that we all use as well as making all of the tools that Creative Commons makes better to use. Flickr is really a model by which many modern services and interfaces are measured. I think that Caterina's experience with Flickr as well as her practical "get stuff done" entrepreneurial attitude will be a great addition to our board.

Welcome aboard Caterina!


Congrats to both CF and CC!

Congratulations for a great addition to the CC board!

Wow! yay and congrats to both. :)


Congratulations to Caterina.
I wish that there are people on board with more different background and insuring balanced representation and common interests.

Congratulations are a class act

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