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Coming soon. ;-)


Hey Joi,

as you're a lot into MMOs and 3D Web, I though you might be interested in seeing how we are working in grabbing the user body language and transforming that in avatar attitudes :

Could be applied to quite a few stuff ;)

welcome to the cute side ;-)


I would rather that the kids this seems to be aimed at spend time:

1. NOT being subjected to yet more blatant advertising
2. Keep real, live pets and learn the value of REAL life and the responsibility of caring for a LIVING creature
3. Make and observe a real garden of their own (even if it is just a soy bean on the window sill)
4. Know the true state of Bejing, London, Tokyo and all the other "gorgeous lands" that this game claims to take them to (not to mention geography, which seems to be all messed up in this game)
5. Interact with real people rather than marketing gimmicks.

The only redeeming thing about it is the chance that amidst all the advertisements and miss-representations about the world around them, they will have a chance to interact with other kids their age. There has got to be a better way to interact with their peers though than through this consumer trap.

learn about how the

Hello Kitty is Adorable! I can't wait for this game to be released, finally a game for the girls.

this is realy cool i hope u get my email

i hope u get more comments love phoebe

This gonna be an awesome! When will it be released?

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