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I'm in Dubai messing around with Fotonauts. Fotonauts is still in beta, but we just "opened up" the widget part. Here's a widget of a Dubai album I'm working on.

You can click on the CC icon to get to the CC license and the "Flickr" to get to the original Flickr image. Although the images showing now are mine, the idea is to collaborate on albums together.

PS: I'm an investor and on the board of Fotonauts.


The widget (and photos) are gorgeous... Would love to have a play with this - I already have a collobarative use-case in mind...

The faces... on some of those fish... look almost human!

Thanks for the heads-up about Fononauts. I'll have a closer look. And of course, I'm curious to see how it can apply to avatars in Second Life. :-D

Nice, Keith Teare is an old friend :)