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When we were thinking about things that we could do for this year's fund raising campaign, we realized that one thing that might be cool would be to try giving people a OpenID with their donation. Because donors authenticate their identity with us to the extent that they pay us money and because Creative Commons is a somewhat known entity, we thought this might have some value. In addition, an OpenID profile on would allow us to test some ideas that we have about how a copyright registry might work.

If you want to try it out, join the network by donating to Creative Commons.

Joi - CC Network
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Once you've joined, you get a profile page like this. You can register your works.

Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States
Registering your works will give you this nifty extra bit on your CC deeds.

The OpenID Directory
Then you can use to login to any OpenID site.


I don't get that extra bit on my CC deed! For an example go to (which I have registered on (link to the deed is at the bottom, light grey)), or to my microblog at (also registered). Clicking on the link to the deed from any of those sites and you just see the normal deed! We wouldn't expect the latter to work -- you have to add the network badge to the content to enable the deed feature, so it won't work with pages you can't edit.

The former page has the problem that the license URL is missing the trailing URL and our javascript is probably too strict. While the license URL resolves properly (with a redirect), the deed javascript makes sure that the license URL matches the metadata (which in this case it doesn't given the trailing slash problem). I've opened a bug ( to track this and we'll get it taken care of this week.

And I think we should try to get sevice providers to support it if they can. It sounds like the kind of thing would do. I'll talk to them.

Nathan: Why do you have to add the badge? Can't you just check wether the refferer has been registered in the Network? Thanks for checking out the other issue!

Joi: A collaboratin with on this would be great! (Oh, and even greater would be if you switched your list of latest tweets, and link to twitter, on your blog to latest updates on! :))

Also: I now tried to log on to comment with my CC Network OpenID (/forteller), but it didn't work. I got this error message: "Could not verify the OpenID provided: The address entered does not appear to be an OpenID"

;-) Let me work on an feed.

Did you type instead of before the /username? I think a lot of people are used to typing .org instead of .net.

";-) Let me work on an feed."

Fantastic! :)

"Did you type"

Yes, I did. I even copied it from the adressbar just to be 100% sure.

You have to add the badge to the work page as a simple way to make sure someone doesn't claim a work that doesn't belong to them. It's not the badge itself that matters, but the metadata that travels with it.

Can you email me privately (my first name at and let me know what site isn't working with your OpenID?

If you would like to delegate OpenID autentication from your own domain to, have a look at this: