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Loic on stage at Maid Cafe

When Loïc was in Tokyo, we were discussing the election. Although Loic was hoping for Obama to win, he thought that McCain was going to win. I felt very strongly that Obama was going to win. We decided to make a bet. The loser would end up becoming a servant to the winner for a day.

Obviously, I won.

I thought about selling Loic on eBay, but I realized that would be too selfish. I'm now considering a twitter account or channel so everyone interested can participate. I still haven't decided the day, but I think I'll choose a day when I'm in the Bay Area so I can document some of this...

Anyway, I'm still open to ideas. Let me know if you think of anything clever.


In french we say "conjurer le mauvais sort". Which is you say the worst will happen so that the best actually happens instead, it is a very popular saying there. I obviously supported Obama in public for a long time and very happy and proud of my American friends.

Having said that, a bet is a bet, so you have it, I am your slave for a day. If you could just tell me the date that suits you Master a little in advance, I may want to be organized that day!

It will actually feel like Ryukan a lot, the highest japanese luxury is to lose freedom, you taught me this, right? So thanks for the honor of having the highest luxury served by you in person.


Considering that this all happened because of the election I think that it should have something to do with leveraging Loic`s gifts to do something that can help advance the cause of "change" in America and the World. Loic`s gifts are clearly his boundless energy, enthusisam and prolific ability to network and evangelize for things he is passionate about. Find something that both of you are passionate about that fits in with the activist theme of change...and get Loic, to envangelize all day on Seesmic, on the phone to everyman as well as to the the great and the good about that theme...Creative Common, Climate Change.....


maybe I am too cruel, but why not letting him using Qik as video for one day in twitter (is it easy for entrepreneur to use the concurrent tool?) but also using other twitter client thank twirhl!


I will Following you.

Hi There~

Here's a thought: Have Loic return all your outstanding email.

San Francisco/Silicon Valley

I was terrified that McCain was going to win it too. I must admit I didn't have much faith in the American electorate. All I could think is that these are the people who voted George Bush with 53% AFTER the Iraq mess! I never expected they would elect a black man with a name like Hussein or Obama for that matter.

America I underestimated you. Never been so have to have been wrong.

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