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Scenes from Inbamura HD - Shot with Canon 5D Mark II from Joichi Ito on Vimeo.

I just got home from Italy and my Canon 5D Mark II was waiting for me at home. I put my 24-105mm f/4 lens on it and took it outside. There isn't really much "action" in my yard in the winter so I tried to take some images scenes that sort of capture the mood of a chilly Sunday in Inbamura.

Shooting video through a camera is a very different experience than shooting photographs or shooting with a consumer quality video camera. I'm going to have to get used to it, although I find it fascinating. I have a feeling I should start story boarding. Normally, I hate using the zoom lenses, but for video, it seems much more important.

Be sure to click the "HD" button on the video to see it in full quality. I'll try to shoot something slightly more exciting soon. ;-)

If you go to the actual Vimeo site and click the "HD" icon "on" in the frame, you can see it in much better quality.


Joi, you have all the best toys!

Seriously, very nice scenes with a great image quality! (Not to mention the always lovely Mizuka and your beautiful home!)

We're living interesting times regarding still image photography and video. Some people have already tried making short movies with a camera like that, for example . It may well be trye that still cameras are still better for still images while video cameras are better suited for live video, but perhaps in many ways the dicotomy between still image and video is useless and artificial. I assume will be seen some new creative ways of combining these imaging methods in the near future.

Have you seen the hype surrounding the recently announced new RED One camera? ( They're bringing forth a modular camera that you can custom make to your needs and it's supposed to have amazing capabilities. At a hefty price tag, though.

Anyway, we're expecting new videos from you in addition to the great photos so far! ;)

Really stunning moving pictures. So serene. You've given me so many ideas. I can't wait to get my hands on a 5D-II. Are they available in stores where you are?


All I can add to this thread is that I was made breathless by the video and the clarity of the glass and brilliance of the new Canon 5D Mark II.

How will I ever wait until I have my own Canon 5D Mark II?


The video from your camera looks different from the conventional consumer video camera not only due to the resolution and clarity but also due to the depth of focus. I see you're using a 85mm f1.2 lens - is it wide open? This DOF and bokeh gives an interesting quality to the video but I suppose you have to be careful about the focus also. Some parts of your video with the scenes from the train seem to be out of focus or focus to a random object.

Anyhow, keep the videos coming. We're counting on you! ;)

I can totally imagine these great scenes with any track from Sigur Ros for musical background. Invitation to contemplation and meditation. This might be your first video with the Canon 5D Mark II but it's very promising and I can wait to watch what you'll come with later.

Great video. Vimeo, however isn't the best for HD video hosting. Not only the 500GB/week limitation, but most importantly for the edge quality in the video. Look closely when viewing in HD on Vimeo, you will notice pixelization. The best free HD video host I found so far is Ooyala ( This is a newcomer, but has promising feature/quality set.

Just got mine a few days ago. I love this camera! usable 6400 iso is going to open up so many posibilities. Check out this little movie I made on the plane the day after I got the camera in the mail.

Last Wednesday I used my two 5D MkII's in a 3 camera music video shoot. The third camera was a Sony PMW-EX1. Audio was recorded on two additional devices. One audio recording device was an Edirol R4 Pro. The other audio recording setup was a Tascam USB Interface to a MacBook Pro.

The Sony Camera, Edirol, and Tascam/MacBook Pro devices all synced sound perfectly over the full duration of the shoot (just over 20 minutes). To clarify - once the different sources are sync'd quickly and easily to the slate clap on the waveform at the beginning of the shoot they all stayed perfectly in sync for the rest of the video.

Both Canon cameras audio and video sync'd perfectly to each other but drifted significantly from the other 3 devices even over a 3 minute segment. The is a very serious problem for me and one that introduces significant post-production trouble and expense.

This issue was so unexpected (I haven't run into this in years of working with a range of equipment) that I performed 3 subsequent tests to confirm that the 5D MkII's run too fast. The results from the test show both of my 5D Mark II run about 14 frames too fast in 10 minutes. Audio that is 1 full frame out of sync is noticeable on sharp sounds causing an echo. Audio that is 2 or 3 frames out of sync causes echo on any sound and looks odd in terms of lip sync.

That the two Canon cameras audio sync'd OK to each other tells me that the cameras can be calibrated to a standard. Evidently they are just calibrated to an incorrect standard.

Anybody else experience this? Does anybody really know if this is likely a chip issue or a firmware issue? Does anyone know an easy reliable way to get the clips to conform to the standard without time-consuming constant tweaking?

I contacted Canon tech support and the girl there couldn't care less - she said there was no fix and that it wasn't really a video camera so what did I expect? Nice!

Wow, you got the sound of the wind and leaves rustling. It's a calming video and is clear and crisp. Would this work as well indoors? I'm looking for a camera to use during sports competitions but the small digital cameras don't give justice to a great game.