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Heading in to Tokyo from Joichi Ito on Vimeo.

Today, I left my home in the countryside to attend meetings in Yokohama and Tokyo, ending up at the Century Hyatt Hotel in Shinjuku. I grabbed movies here and there and picked up a tripod in Yurakucho after getting tired of hand-held shots.

Still have a lot to learn... I need to remember to leave enough room before and after my shots for the transitions, among other things. Also, video takes a LOT longer than post-processing my photos... *eep*

Shooting moving things is a lot harder than taking movies of leaves waving in the wind. ;-)

Most of the scenes were taken with my 85mm at f/1.2 on my Canon 5D Mark II.

Make sure you watch this in HD if possible.



Beautiful stuff.

What workflow are you using? iMovie? FCExpress? FCPro? Saving at 1080p to Vimeo? Or 720p?


superb quality and shots, thank you! how strage the train is pretty similar all over the world.


I'll make it to Tokyo some day

Nice video, thank you for making and sharing it


with your HD quality I was there with you!
Thanks for the Tokyo city tour


Great short Joi. I need to remember to pick your brains about the specifics of shooting with an SLR next time you're on IRC.

On another note, sounds like a zippy little car you've got there. What do you drive?


Shooting in 1080i, editing in FCExpress and exporting as 720p and uploading to Vimeo.

Great video. Impressive what the new DSLRs can do with video. Why export to 720p? Is that a limitation of the host?

Also, TypeKey seems to be broken- it wouldn't let me log in fwiw.

Vimeo is native 720p.

Gorgeous video! Makes me homesick for when I lived in Tokyo. I am inspired to score a soundtrack for this footage, but I am not sure how to pull the video off there a "download" option you can grant? Obviously anything I score with your footage will attribute you as the author...

Vimeo makes YouTube look barbaric! But as you point out Joi, editing Video takes so much more time, storage and processing power. I do covet your 5D Mark II...

amazing. I want one! How long did it take you to process on FCExpress though? Hours I bet, or even an entire night?

Joi, Tokyo is very special for me because it's the place where I met my wife Nathalie, 3 years ago. Since then, we have developed a strong relationship with this town that we haven't had the chance to discover that much (only 5 days there). But watching your video is very moving and gives me the strong desire to plan a trip to Tokyo in 2009. Thank you for that.

Loic: I guess this one took me about 4 hours to edit including the rendering time and my mistakes.

Very impressive! Especially the shoots takken at night, they are so colorful and so lively...

This SLR is my new obsession, but I will have to wait for the price to go down a lot before buying one.


Great video. It shows the capabilities of the camera and it´s dependence of good glasses.


Hi Joi, loved the film. Also noticed the sound quality.. and sound of your car... wondering what make/type that is. Sure sounds great!

Congrats on the 5D Mark II purchase. The video looks very good. I was impressed with the smoothness of the video you took while on the bus (?). As the other commenter said, night shots look really good. My Xacti HD700 has no night ability really.

I put together a soundtrack / soundscape for this video clip - you can see it here:

If I didn't attribute the original author correctly please let me know and I will update or remove the video.

Thanks for shooting this inspiring footage...

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