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House of Light from Joichi Ito on Vimeo.

Joshua read about the House of Light designed by James Turrell on PingMag. We decided to try to get a group together to go out and stay there. As usual, we both got so busy, we ended up going by ourselves.

The art installation/house is in Tokamachi, Niigata, which is relatively out-of-the way in the countryside of Japan. The area is well known for the Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennial. The House of Light or 光の館, is a beautiful house that can hold seven people. It has a Japanese style bath, sleeping quarters and a kitchen. The main event a room that goes through a subtle light display during sunrise and sunset. The ceiling opens up framing the sky in the lighting around the ceiling of the room.

The whole house as a very Japanese-style attention-to-detail, a practical and livable layout and a well-designed art installation feeling.

I'd recommend it for any group of up to seven people who want to spend a weekend together in a beautiful and peaceful place.

I took some photos as well as the video above.


Very cool video, and even more interesting art exhibit.

I assume you've seen the Turrell at the Chichu Museum? It takes advance planning and reservations but Naoshima is a stunning place to visit. It's best if you visit the Isamu Noguchi Garden Museum in Mure first, then hire a boat to take you directly from Mure to Naoshima (no need to backtrack to the ferry) then stay at Benesse House, visit Chichu Museum (with the Turrell installation), then head home.

I love the shift in color temperature as the ceiling opens/closes. Also the geometrically perfect framing and control of depth of field shows you have the eye for video/photo hybrids.

Thanks for sharing.

This house must be a hidden gem, James Turrell have make installation in Museums, especially using light as the medium. It was a long time ago since coming across his work again. This house was traditional and yet modern with the light and color, his transformation of light and color have established a significant imprint of modern painter vs. sculptors. And as an architecture, in the Japan style house, it is really fantastic for japanese to allow these work to be inhabited.

"Wataridori 2" by Cornelius
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Which camera did u use? Did u use any video filters?

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