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50 prints of a luxury box set and 1024 prints of a limited edition of Freesouls have been run. These numbered and limited versions will be sold directly by Christopher from the website. Once we get a better feel for the demand, Christopher plans to print a general release which will be more widely available.

Thanks to Christopher for driving this process and for Boris on the website.

Now the question is whether the demand for this book will actually exceed the number of people who appear in the book. ;-)


Ordered by copy yesterday, as this twit says : :)
BTW, the pix of me on the background of my twitter page was shot by... you :)

Congratulations, Joi. I'm in the process of ordering mine, as well. And here's a "preview" I posted yesterday on my blog:

I just wrote a lengthy comment about your book, contrasting it with another copyrighted photography project I worked on recently. Then I noticed your new EULA that required me to relinquish the copyrights to my comments under the CC BY license. So I erased my remarks and substituted this one, as I might have the urge to expand my comment for a copyrighted professional publication, which will not publish CC-entangled articles.

I suspect you and your readers might have found my comments interesting or useful, but I guess we will never know. In this case, your CC licensing requirements have stifled speech. You are not doing your commenters any favors by forcing them to use a click-through CC EULA with no opt-out. I would expand about how this does not "promote the useful arts" but not under your CC BY license.

@Charles: This is Joi's blog, where he has set the terms, for various reasons, for how things happen here. It is not he who has stifled your speech, but you yourself who has chosen to not share your interesting and useful thoughts, preferring to imagine that you might derive some form of profit from doing so somewhere else, under distribution-restricting terms.

The logical solution for men like you who would rather maintain their dreams of being an island, is to write your response on your own site and then mention it here with a link to it. That way, you can have your say.

Though personally, I feel you've said enough already. :)

I'd have thought that a price-point of $395 was distribution-restricting enough alone.

Well done, and it looks like a great book. Off to order it now! You have helped change minds on this subject!

Nice to see this out. Gratz for completing the project.

I stumbled upon the site, particularly the article by Isaac Mao. That article blew me away, it echoed so many of my own thoughts on the subject. I can't wait to get the book, even though the price is a little steep. Should one wait for the general release perhaps....

Anyway, great job, wonderful content and design.

I believe this is the "comment" Charles intended to write here before the tyranny of "CC BY" prevented him.