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Reid and I recently invested in It's a service that allows you to update all of your social networks at once and is one of the few services I use every day. I've been talking to the founders Sean and Adam who I really like and am happy to be joining their team to build a simple but useful service.


Congrats. is one of he best startups I've seen in a very long time and adding you to their list of investors is another smart move on their part.

Really? I never tried that one yet. but I will try.

A good move. It is a clear tool to help manage an increasingly complicated social networking world.

Joi - seems great. In fact, we just integrated Eyejot's bookmarklet "Eyejot This!" with Took only a few hours and I'm really pleased with the results. Several of our users that asked for it are quite pleased too.

Now our users can share their video messages and web page annotations with any of their configured social networks supported by

If you have some time and can give it a try, I'd be grateful for your comments and, perhaps, suggestions for other companies you work with that you think might benefit from integrating with Eyejot and our video messaging platform.

The bookmarklet can be found at

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