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Larry was on the Cobert show. Great job Larry.

Sam did the first remix of my Colbert appearance.

Jim Vanaria did another.

This is the first video remix I've seen.

Here's a remix from the Eclectic Method Mix.

And the audio to the show is available to be remixed on ccMixter here.

Colbert says (or more accurately, "says") you can't remix this. I say please do.


I really like Lessig and I think Colbert was kind of mean here (he actually was in every interview I watched...). But I don't really know the show but we have similiar shows in Germany and I think it's Colbert's role to be a little bit ignorant, controverial and always "against what the interviewee says", right?

And before I forget, these are great remixes!

This clip confirms the low opinion of Colbert's interviewing style that I formed by watching his segment with Jimmy Wales. Neither respectful nor probing, it always seems to be more about him (Colbert) than about his guest. I would have preferred to see Lessig on Jon Stewart, who a) is much more funny and b) would have the decency to engage more fully and bring out the crux the book's argument.

Somebody please remix this. And make it better.

My last statement was quite rash. A closer analysis:

Colbert seemed to be making a pretense of violating Larry's right of attribution to the book (which would amount to a copyright infringement). He then indicated the possibility of selling "his" creation on, but did not bother to consult with what license REMIX is released under (if any). Larry's observation that Colbert could sell it on eBay was astute, as this action would not break copyright law. But this obvious conclusion was not voiced.

Larry's point that the Colbert Report uses remix is right on (I assume, I don't watch the show). Playing video clips for editorial and news-reporting purposes is arguably fair use, although in the past certain filmmakers have had to assert that right. But even if Colbert Report never has to make the case for fair use, the show is still benefiting from the normative changes being brought by a REMIX culture.

So judge for yourself if what Colbert tried to do to/with REMIX is fair or not.

At the end Colbert makes a scene of not allowing you to remix this segment (although it was certain to have happened, and I do hope he watches it), but I don't in the end believe that his interdiction was sincere. I would guess that he understands and sympathizes with the free culture movement more than he lets on. He was dissembling. I can forgive ignorance, but not this. Not in an interview!

My suggested remix (which will take little to no effort)

Splice this together with Larry's interview on Charlie Rose. Then delete all the scenes with Stephen Colbert.

Funny interview.

Christopher, take a break man. It's a comedy show, not Meet the Press. Lessig got some exposure. Colbert got some geek-cred. We got some laugh. Done deal.

Stephen Colbert - the show - is an act. "...a fictional anchorman character played by Colbert. The character, described by Colbert as a 'well-intentioned, poorly informed, high-status idiot', is a caricature of televised political pundits." ( So, criticizing Stephan as a person is somehow pointless.

I highly recommend watching his speech at the White House Correspondence Dinner in 2006:

I like this one:
but most of all - I like what CC does for the world!

I just tried to access the embed tools so I could post about this on my blog and then got the following message "This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Viacom International Inc.." irony of ironies.

I can't see it, it says that Viacom has made a claim about the rights of this video