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Following up Larry's appearance and challenge on the Colbert Report. Just awesome.


Good article! In relation to public awareness, there are many struggling consumer in this economy. Lot of people can't find their way back to their accustomed standard of living, possibly due to a drop in income, and this leads them to being struggling consumers. Well, it isn't a great idea to go back to the way things were, spending freely regardless of any temporary money problems that come up. The titanic amount of leveraged credit led to a volatile market and economy. The Federal Reserve reports up tick in some activity, but consumer activity has dropped off. Doubtless that many financiers would use short-term loans to get the struggling consumer back to normal.

Even though Stephen Colbert is a brilliant satirist, I can see what he was getting at. Granted, you also have the Lars Ulrich vs. Napster thing, and a lot of people hate Lars to this day because they wanted something from him for free. When you get down to it, that art which is produced is the product of everyone involved in it, and they deserve credit accordingly. The songwriter, the person who records it, they all deserve a piece of it, even if it means that they get a bigger per diem fee. Remixes and re-releases are definitely included. For instance, Ola Ray, the actress. No body has likely heard of her, which is understandable, but she was the actress that starred in the music video for the Michael Jackson song, Thriller. Michael has now 2 lawsuits to contend with over the video, as he has allegedly paid her or director John Landis' royalties in years. The lawsuit is at least going to cost him in attorney fees. People deserve reward for effort, even if it does seem small, but irreplacable.

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