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We've been working with YouTube on this for a long time. Kudos to everyone who helped make this happen. It's very big new for us and a huge step forward.

youtubelogo2YouTube just made an incredibly exciting announcement: it's testing an option that gives video owners the ability to allow downloads and share their work under Creative Commons licenses. The test is being launched with a handful of partners, including Stanford, Duke, UC Berkeley, UCLA, and UCTV.

We are always looking for ways to make it easier for you to find, watch, and share videos. Many of you have told us that you wanted to take your favorite videos offline. So we've started working with a few partners who want their videos shared universally and even enjoyed away from an Internet connection.

Many video creators on YouTube want their work to be seen far and wide. They don't mind sharing their work, provided that they get the proper credit. Using Creative Commons licenses, we're giving our partners and community more choices to make that happen. Creative Commons licenses permit people to reuse downloaded content under certain conditions.

Visit YouTube's blog for information. And if you're are a partner who wants to participate, fill out the YouTube Downloads - Partner Interest form.


Remixing is okay - & will be legal. :)

This will be cool. It is ''the next''.

Well, downloading is already happening anyway.

YouTube get more ad views by legitimizing it.

You know what? I think Youtube is like McDonalds. And will be in the future, something like - ''serving you for 50 years'' thing.
But it's not the greatest of video services, just ''cool'' and popular (for) now.
I like, but now I just started using Vimeo video service, (-was pleasantly suprised by Joi's cool HD videos and wedding :) Joi, you have the touch (eye) for everything heh. ;-)

But for me, a younger person, stuff like this - constantly updating and renewing, giving me more freedom, quality and essence - is the (new) cool. Popular is hip, but _new_ is cool. :)
And all the ''old'' stuff and services, then start to look like fast food services.

In Youtube example, it is always falling behind with this new of cool, that the ''new kids'' are (want) using. And they always have to catch up with our ideas, must move to a higher gear...
Youtube is king, but they can't exist as a single big brand and throughout, for the ''do the video'' thing.
Hulu was a surprise, Vimeo is a surprise... always new.
This is where CC comes in. It is ''the new'' - and the protection of cool.

What will future be like?

In the next 5-10 years - we will have memory chips everywhere - with radio (wifi/bluetooth) signaling - interchanging among us everything.
I know we already have some of this, for branding etc, but I'm talking about using. For me, for you, for us, (all) people. Everywhere and in everything, exchanging. No hacking/violating, just using. Moving ideas, music, images, movies, everything, in speed, and without thinking about boring stuff.

This is why I appreciate Jois work. Without this Creative Commons infrastructure, how is this all going to work, proper?
Yes, we will share everything that is digital, we will have it, but it also we, who want to set the rules. Not leave it to the ''brave new world'' corporations of the future.
Yes, we are doing it already, some are, but in the future- we will have more power. The best about internet for me is not just the connectivity of things, but the realisation that we, the people, have power. Not some guys in suits, or corrupt powers drinking cognac.

There will be a gazillion copies of everything, mp3s, documents, t-shirts, pencils, micro-memorise evrywhere, like little ants...
our ideas, ourselves, me, you, Joi, everywhere. It can be most powerful, what Joi said - freesouls. We decide.

And in this perspective, copyright... well, it just seems to fade away.
I see it.
even doe most people have a problem with medium to long term strategy. But I can really see it - possibilities are jumping everywhere.
Like fishing in a growers fish pond.
There are a million new ideas to be discovered, the world to evolve, we just need to fish them out. And the fish are smiling, sun is shining on this ''pond''. :)
We need to transcend and merge the digital. And it will be done.

You don't have to be an internet personality anymore, with a fake identity. Things will be open, clear, legal - and cool. Breeze staying fresh. We are changing ''it'', ''it'' is changing us. Inter-connectivity.

Not that I don't believe in protection of creative property etc..., but think of it - just next 5 to 10, we will laugh all about this 'copyright thing', how rigid things were and drink to good times. :)

Already I see a mass of people/kids stamping CC on their laptops. And you can't beat that, and do that, without being involved. :)

_We all matter._
But Joi - he's what we in Croatia would call ''tsar''.
A powerful influence on _matter-world, a truly relaxed soul.
Bird amongst humans, but only because he gets the stuff earlier, wanted to fly. Not just be a frequent flyer ;-)
Not a drone work-slave for the system, but a ''freesoul''. :)


Look here:

the future is here.
There is so much more to have. :)

The internet has provided a great space for people to share and develop ideas for the pure joy of doing it. Youtube is simply providing more ways to do so, in a more comfortable setting. I say right on!