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I'm sorry my Ada Lovelace Day post is a day late. I've been trying to think of WHO. There are so many women who contribute to technology and so many that I respect, that picking one is really hard, but making a long list also seems to diminish the value and risks leaving people out by accident.

While this may seem a bit nepotistic and weird, I think I'm going to choose my sister, Mimi. As a big brother, I've been guilty of underestimating her and ignoring her accomplishments over the years.

Recently, my sister and I run into each other a lot as her work in anthropology has taken her down the path of trying to understand how people interact with media and technology. Being smarter, more methodical and academic than me, she brings a lot of rigor into my someone shallow and intuitive thoughts and I'm now both dependent on and respectful of the insight she brings.

It feels a bit weird posting nice things about your kid sister (yes, she's younger than me, even though she acts more mature than me) but I guess I should probably do it occasionally. Also, one important foundation person said to me recently, "Mimi adds to your credibility," so it's probably a good idea to remind people we're related.


Joichi, this is a lovely Ada Lovelace Day post.
Thanks for introducing us to Mimi.
I would love to be connected to her.
I didn't see Twitter on her list of sites on her blog. Is she on Twitter?

Oh, there she is - on your Twitter stream - @mizuko.