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Muneaki Masuda
Muneaki Masuda

Muneaki Masuda, the CEO of CCC Co., Ltd. recently invited me to join his board and I officially joined yesterday.

I've known Mr. Masuda for about a decade having been in various study groups and working groups together. He and CCC/Tsutaya built the rental video franchise industry in Japan in the 80's and now runs the largest syndicated point system in Japan with about 30M users.

My role on the board will to help out with Internet things and International things.

More details later...


Culture Convenience Club! Great name.
'gratz ;)

Oh - after reading the headline I though you were joing the Chaos Computer Club board ;)

Yeah. ;-) Several others have pointed out that ambiguity to me. The problem is that CCC Co., Ltd. is the actual name of the company.

Grats. Do you have a complete list of boards that you're on?

Wow, Tsutaya wants to go international? International means Asia, I assume?

What exactly is a 'syndicated point system'?

They have a point system that everyone is using as a standard to inter-operate. Everything from restaurants to gas stations are using the Tsutaya "T-Point" system.

Tsutaya is making a mark in Japan with the video rental business similar to Netflix, and the Japanese love it. I would say with the proliferation of very high speed broadband access to the home, as well as mobile wireless technologies, that it's just a matter of time before all of that goes online.

Joi, your expertise at CC will be a game-changer and set new standards for delivering digital content to the masses globally. Looking forward to following you much closer on that.



what do you mean by 'point system'? A loyalty card system? Or a 'point of sale' system? Sorry if I am being stupid here.