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Just arrived in Japan after a visit to Chicago, Dubai and Singpore - three major hub cities. It was interesting to contrast them. Obviously, Chicago isn't a hub in the same way as Dubai and Singapore are hubs, but there are similarities.

My apartment in Dubai still isn't ready. It's starting to feel a bit like home, especially thanks to all of my friends there, but I'm sure I'll feel a lot more settled in when I have a my own space and all of my "stuff" moved in. Planning to spend more time there when it cools down again in the fall. ;-)

Uploaded my photos to Flickr and Picasa but going to try using Fotopedia widgets to post them here.

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Not sure where in Dubai you'll be setting up residence... But, should you ever need copy services or large format creative... the FedEx Kinko's location in Internet City saved the day BIG TIME on my last visit.

They're super professional and very reasonably priced.

Travel well!