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We just started our Creative Commons fall fund raising campaign. I first want to thank everyone who has supported and continue to support Creative Commons. Thanks especially to those who have been sending money even just the last few days.

In this difficult economy, support from individuals has become exceedingly essential in our ambitious goal of establishing CC as a global standard and a household name. As a small nonprofit, we feel the pressure of limited resources and a strained economy. Our staff's workload is at capacity, so now I turn to you to help us bring CC to places we could never reach on our own. I hope you can join us in the challenge today to make an investment in Creative Commons - an investment of your time, your resources, and your content:

Our community has been behind our success from the start. We have hundreds of volunteers around the world (myself included) - legal experts, educators, artists - who have worked to port, translate, and propagate CC licenses in 52 jurisdictions and counting. When you support CC, you give meaning to the work of those dedicated volunteers, and the hundreds of thousands of people who have benefited from the sharing CC facilitates. When you license your content under CC licenses and spread the word about CC to friends and family, you become part of this growing network. Together, we will continue to lay the groundwork for an open and accessible Internet.

This year, we have set a goal to raise $500,000 USD from our community during our annual fundraising campaign. Your support, however big or small, will help us sustain our core operations and keep our legal tools free for everyone to use. It will enable us to continue to level the digital playing field and harness the power of the Internet to be a force for good.

We have already begun to see that force take shape. There now exist over a quarter of a billion CC licensed works and CC licenses have become integral components of organizations and industries worldwide, from Wikipedia to the United States government, from scientific journals to major universities. There is currently a huge class of shared cultural works that would not otherwise exist if not for CC. These works belong to you, to me, to all of us. I'm asking you to ensure a bright future for this developing and crucial community-driven culture.

Whatever value you find in the rich and vibrant culture of collaboration, innovation, creation, and participation that CC strives to facilitate, I urge you to visit to learn how you can help and give a gift today.

Also, if you have a blog and would be willing to put a button to on it to spread the word, that would be awesome.


You know what would be a really cool CC product? Cuff links.

I'd pay good money for some CC cufflinks to flash during meetings and speaking events. I have a tee-shirt already, but opportunities to wear it in public are limited. I don't wear cufflinks that often either, but when I do, I'd like to be supporting CC

Not to turn your post into a CC swag wish list but I'm with Diego on the cufflinks.

welcome to dubai :D wonderful speech at TEDx :D

I'm going to add the button to my facebook blog! { :-X~ }