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Serkan Toto wrote a very thorough article about our new Open Network Labs (ONL) and you can read most of the detail there, but my team at DG together with Netprice and launched a new venture accelerator last month.

The idea is to do monthly meetings where we will have guests come and speak and provide an opportunity for people with startup projects to meet. ONL will give grants up to $10,000 and provide mentoring, office space and other support in exchange for an opportunity to invest if the idea turns into a good startup investment. ONL will work close with my Singapore fund and mentor team - hopefully providing deals for the Singapore fund and possible partnerships for the startups and entrepreneurs we will be working with in Singapore and across the region.

While I won't be working day-to-day on ONL, we have a young and scrappy team of some of the next generation of Japanese entrepreneurs with the support of three of my favorite Internet companies.

I look forward to seeing what sorts of people and ideas ONL is able to attract and hope that we can launch some stuff with global reach help put Japanese startups on the map Internationally.

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I hope one day we will have this opportunities and support over here in Europe (especially Germany) as well. Venture capital is not very popular over here and companies are not likely to invest in something like a brilliant idea. They want to see more that that. It's sad (better to go to asia or US) - I might do this one day...

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