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How to raise funds for non-profits »

Yesterday I attended a meeting called "The Future of Fundraising" organized by Jennifer McCrea with the Hauser Center for Nonprofit Organizations at Harvard University. It was at the Harvard Club in New York. It was a small group with a bunch of heavy hitters including some of the best fund raisers in the world. I learned a tremendous amount and was very energized after the meeting. Some notes from the meeting. Good executive directors (ED) were also the main fund raisers and they generally loved fund raising. In fact, there was a strong opinion of many that any ED who...

Freesouls 2 »

Christopher Adams is a combination of hacker, designer, activist and publisher which makes him uniquely qualified to be leading this project, Freesouls. Freesouls is our book of my free portraits and essays and comments from my dear friends has been a great success thanks to Christopher. The book brings together many of the elements that I enjoy in life - friends, photography, freedom and the global network of ideas. In the process of creating the book, we learned a lot about copyright, model releases, web services, open source, publishing, printing, distribution, editing and Python and Ruby. (Actually, Christopher did...

Launched our Catalyst Campaign - help us help CC projects! »

We launched our Catalyst Campaign to raise $100,000 by June 30th for our new Catalyst Grants program. If you care about CC, and keeping the web open and accessible, please donate today. We need everyone's help! CC BlogWe're thrilled today to announce the launch of the Catalyst Campaign - from now through June 30, Creative Commons is raising money to fund our recently-launched Catalyst Grants program. Catalyst Grants will make it possible for individuals and organizations to harness the power of Creative Commons. A grant might enable a group in a developing country to research how Open Educational Resources can...
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