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LOMO - Christopher Adams

Christopher Adams is a combination of hacker, designer, activist and publisher which makes him uniquely qualified to be leading this project, Freesouls. Freesouls is our book of my free portraits and essays and comments from my dear friends has been a great success thanks to Christopher. The book brings together many of the elements that I enjoy in life - friends, photography, freedom and the global network of ideas.

In the process of creating the book, we learned a lot about copyright, model releases, web services, open source, publishing, printing, distribution, editing and Python and Ruby. (Actually, Christopher did all of the work and got to do most of the learning too. ;-)

Christopher, being a perpetual learner and a glutton for hard work, has decided to embark on Freesouls 2.

This time we will be automating a lot of what we did by hand in Freesouls 1. We are automating the model release process using Echosign and their API. (If you have a portrait of yourself in my Flickr set slated for the new book, you could save us a lot of time and send us an email with the URL of the image and we'll shoot you the model release.) We'll also make the book dynamically generated into a perfectly designed, laid out and printable PDF using some mad code that Christopher has put together.

Finally, we still have a few copies left of Freesouls 1 so get them while they last. They're available on the site. Also, thanks, as always, to Boris for the wonderful website production for

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