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Here's a video walkthrough of our Chiba home taken on the last day of my recent short trip there. I'm still getting used to the Flip Video and it tends to be a bit shakey and I'm pointing it a bit too downward. Also, Mizuka is trying to silently guide me through this shoot and sometimes grabs my shoulder which made it even shakier.

Anyway, hopefully my videos will improve through iteration. In the mean time, you can see what my Chiba home looks like during the beginning of summer in Japan.


Joi, your house is of a really beautiful wood workmanship! Do I remember correctly that it's an older house in the village?

BTW, while I find your blog posts about the social media always interesting, the Japan-ralted posts tend to be even more fascinating as you are obviously able to look at the culture both from outside as well as inside with you background.

Thanks! Our house is about 30 years old I think.