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Video of, Zach Coelius, CEO of Triggit talking about Demand-Side Platforms and Real-Time Bidding. An increasing number of ad networks and exchanges have begun making their inventory available for real-time bidding, most notably Google. This allows companies like Triggit to look at lots of inventory across a number of networks and do real-time bidding based on sophisticated analytics.

This is an interesting trend that I think will change the ad landscape pretty dramatically and could help content providers by dramatically increasing the value of their ads. It also allows a level of control that might give ad agencies a new role to make more creative campaigns than just bulk targeting.

Disclaimer: I'm an investor in Triggit.

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@Zach As a publisher of several websites with modest traffic levels, which companies would you recommend working with to monetize my sites via demand-side platforms? Do you need a critical amount of traffic to be considered for inclusion in these greater pools of ad inventory? Are platforms willing to look at your aggregate traffic across multiple sites?