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A New Culture of Learning

As an "informal learner" who dropped out of college and managed to survive, "The New Culture of Learning: cultivating imagination for a world of constant flux" captures and provides a coherent framework for many of the practices that guide my own life. If their suggestions are able to be weaved into the discourse and practice of formal education, informal learners like myself might be able to survive without dropping out. In addition, even those who are able to manage formal education could have their experiences greatly enhanced.

John Seely Brown has continued to help give me confidence in the chaos + serendipity that is my life and have helped those who seek to understand people like us. This book brings together a lot of his work and the work of others (like my sister ;-) ) in a concise book definitely worth reading.


The new culture is that of learners, but the mainstream of teachers still lags far behind. The problem lies in teacher education and the woeful failure of colleges of education to wake up the current realities.

Congratulations on this appointment. This will be an even more exciting time for MIT and the rest of us.

I look forward to reading Brown's book.

When I hear, "cultivating imagination" I can't help but question the degree to which such lacks at all levels (except perhaps kindergarten?) of education. The focus on memorization as opposed to teaching children and young adults to think and imagine what can be achieved with what they are learning.

Thanks for bring this book to my attention.

Hi Joi,

Just finished reading Mark Jannot's interview with you on POPSCI. Your comments regarding people who can embrace a “just do it” mentality really resonated with me. I have also discussed 'The New Culture of Learning: cultivating imagination for a world of constant flux' with a number of people who consider the implications to be obvious.

I just published my first book . If you are intrigued I’d be happy to postal mail you a copy. You can contact me at


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