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I've been wondering whether I should start blogging again. Twitter satisfied so much of my "updating" needs and I had become so busy that it was easy to stop blogging. It seemed that blog comments also lost their momentum as people took to Twitter to chat and hang out around trending topics.

However, as the years of not blogging have started to pile up, more and more of my thoughts are no longer online. Back in the day, I blogged nearly everything so giving someone my perspective on any topic required only that I copy/paste a URL into a chat window or an email.

These days I have to write a long-winded reponse or find a video of a talk or an interview. Videos tend to be 80% repetitive and difficult to scan or segment. The interviews are also repetitive and short.

As I begin what is might be the biggest transition in my life in my new role as the Director of the MIT Media Lab, it seems like my blog would be a good place to document my thoughts through this transition.

I'm not going to promise anything, but I'm going to make an effort to blog more frequently and try to get my "blog voice" back. Maybe I should read my own tips about blogging that I wrote back in 2005. ☺ And I'll try to stop blogging about blogging.

Does anyone read this thing anymore? I'm trying to decide whether I should start blogging actively again or not......

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