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Does anyone read this thing anymore? I'm trying to decide whether I should start blogging actively again or not......


I do. And Margaret was saying just the other day, “Joi doesn’t blog any more,” so she must have been paying attention.

I follow your Flickr account, and this blog. Just a fan of the Media Lab work and a retired physics prof. Would enjoy learning about your work and travels.

i do

When there's something to read, I read it. I'm insufficiently sophisticated to track you across a wide variety of outlets (Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Google+, etc.) so have lost the thread a bit as I presume that you have shifted your interaction to those venues, but that's my problem not yours.

Do as seems best for you - if you choose to continue to blog, I'll be able to continue to read (and enjoy).

Yep, every day.

Throw us a frickin' bone once in a while, will ya?


yes we do.

i do

Feeling lonely? We ARE listening :)

OK. Thanks everyone. I'll blog more. Promise. :-)

sure that i read it! but the important stuff is what you write, not where ;-) (RSS still rulez)


Sure do.

Yes, please do post. We're reading.

This is the wrong question.

You blog because you have desire to blog, not because there is a readership. The readers come because of the type of content and then, per se, will change over times depending on this content.

There is no intrinsic truth. Just a flow, a river. here but always different.

Blog your thoughts, blog simple things, don't try to satisfy an audience. Look at what were your first blog posts… ;)

But then again… nothing mandatory. Have pleasure in what you are doing.

I enjoy reading your blog, so yeah!

I do. Twitter just doesn't take the place of a nice informed blog post.

Blog. Or blog not. There is no decide.

I look forward to your blog posts and have you on my RSS feeds. You have great information to share. Please keep it up.

i do.

what karl said

I do - and of course you should!

i read it... twitter is ok, but with the blog you tend to go deeper - which i enjoy... and with the MIT adventure there might be some good fodder - but like Karl says above - you gotta enjoy it, dont feel "required" - enjoy it - as the spirit moves you ...

Well, only when you post. :)

You're in my RSS feed, so I pick up whatever you have time to post. Sadly, RSS doesn't deal well with Twitter or other ephemeral media without RSS API support, so I tend to lose track of people when they cross media.

Yes, please continue.

Yup. I love it; please keep blogging

I do! And I'm always happy each time I see a new entry from you in my RSS-reader. It just makes each post you write more interesting. It means that you've got something you want to share - it's not forced - which is why I fell in love with blogs in the first place. ;)

I do and now that you have twitter you can use that to keep people up to date on your next trip, but leave the blog for longer post about more substantial topics.

Yep, we're still here!

I do. Especially, what you are working on at MIT Media Lab

Yes.Please keep blogging.I like to read your blog.

No, we don't and this is a bot who can't even read.

Sure, just jokin'. Please 'blog' more!

well, you are on my RSS watch list.

Would love to see you blog more actively when you have time. 140 character tweets and g+ updates are great to communicate short concepts, link to information, and ping your contacts, but blogs are still critical as static locations for content creators.

Please, please, please do come back :)

Thanks everyone.

Karl, I have a desire to blog, but really have run out of time to do everything I want to do. I guess I wanted to see if there was anyone else watching this space to help me prioritize my use of time. :-)

hands up!

We do! Looking forward for your post. What about a post about prioritizing time and managing your online presence through twitter/facebook/g+/flickr blahblah... I think we are all pretty confused these days with so many options and the conversations are broken in so many places

Yes! I hope you take it up again, even if only once in awhile. The medium length blog post conveys much more then twitter or other status updates. I am much more likely to save, reread or search for blog post then status updates. The richer perspective stays relevant for much longer.

Yes, I'm reading

I never read your tweets, but some of your old blog posts and the discussions they generated in the comments are so good and useful that I visit this site once every few months to reread them. I hope you will return to blogging at least occasionally. You have a unique life experience and perspective which informs many.

It's chicken and egg.

Would never miss the chance to learn from an "informal learner"...

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