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Dave Winer just posted about his trip to the Media Lab.

He ends with:

Where to go?

In one of the follow-up emails I listed three things we could do to help the open web reboot. I had written about all these ideas before, in some cases, a number of times.

  1. Every university should host at least one open source project.
  2. Every news org should build a community of bloggers, starting with a river of sources.
  3. Every student journalist should learn how to set up and run a server.
These ideas came out of my work in booting up blogging and podcasting, and working successfully at Berkman to get the first academic blogging community going. Had I continued that work, this is where we would go.

I agree that universities can make good homes for free and open source software projects and I think we should have more of them at the Media Lab. I also know a news org or two and agree that having a community of bloggers with a river of sources sounds like a pretty good idea. And... we have a number of what I would consider are student journalists at the Media Lab and more broadly, in our network, we have many. I've always believed that everyone involved in "publishing" should know how to set up a server so agree with the third one as well.

But agreeing is easy. Now it's time to try to do something about it. That's the challenge from Dave.

PS This back and forth feels like "good old fashioned blogging." Maybe this is the trigger to start doing it regularly again. Thanks Dave.

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Working through the backlog in my feed reader, I was pleasantly surprised to see a few of your posts in the queue. Now I know what kicked it off! :)