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Sitting at home and looking out the window was a bit other-worldly. A snowy day in April is rare even in Boston. I seem to have gotten myself sick again. (After being mostly immune to everything for years, I've had a series of colds and flues this year. More on my theories about this in another post.)

For the last few days, Boris, Daiji and I have been following in the footsteps of Dave Winer and have been trying to get my RSS feed from my Movable Type Blog to become compatible with Facebook Instant Articles so that it would be approved. We have been going back and forth with the Facebook team who have been friendly and responsive. I THINK we finally have it working.

So here we go. If you read this on Facebook on the app, you should see the thunderbolt mark and it should load really easily.

Thanks to Dave for getting me going on this thread and to Boris, Daiji and the folks at Facebook who helped out. My Open Web feels a bit more loved tonight than it did before.


This is what this page looks like on my iPhone.


Hey Joi,

I've been trying to figure this out for my Movabletype blog as well. Wondering if you can point me to anything helpful that you and Dave came up with to get this to work. I'd love to enable Instant Articles for my brother and I run together. If you'd care to share some of your findings I would appreciate it. Wondering if you had to change the html template itself or if most of the adjustments happened in the rss/xml feed template? I've read through all of the Facebook documentation, but not quite there yet. Congratulations!



Hi Brian,

Based on our work of, I wrote a plugin and sample template.