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Sultan is the most interesting person I know in the United Arab Emirates. I met him in 2010 or so, soon after I had moved to Dubai. He had just been asked to "take a break" from his job as a journalist at The National, the main national newspaper, for being controversial. I helped him get started on Twitter and he taught me about the culture and politics of region.

He is now a Director's Fellow at the Media Lab and a good friend and advisor.

I recently had the opportunity to catch up with him and get an update and some overviews about the region - Arab Spring, arts, politics, media, culture.

I streamed it with my Mevo to Facebook Live and have posted a better quality video on YouTube and the audio on SoundCloud and iTunes.

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Frustration manifestation is a tantrum. While it is common to diminish the Trump followers to a group of haters, the majority are more moderate. All sides of this environment of frustration have been throwing tantrums. Let's not oversimplify the East or the West's reasoning or reactions. UAE is a living laboratory for the region. U.S. is an ongoing experiment in what freedom means in an environment of profound attraction to it's evolving nature.