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Conversation with Kevin Esvelt about CRISPR Gene Drive and Whiplash »

Talking to Media Lab faculty member, Kevin Esvelt who runs the Sculpting Evolution group about his work in developing safe and ethical ways to deploy technologies like CRISPR gene drive. He is currently working in Nantucket with communities there to have a conversation about how to move research and deployment forward to try to eradicate Lyme disease. We talk about his work and how it connects with Whiplash. Audio available on iTunes and SoundCloud....

Conversation with Martin Nowak »

Martin Nowak runs the Program for Evolutionary Dynamics at Harvard. At a recent meeting at his Lab, I heard him describe the history of life on earth in fascinating way using evolutionary dynamics. At another meeting over dinner, Danny Hillis and he disagreed on whether you could model the universe on a Turing machine - in other words, can we simulate our "run" our brains or the universe digitally. I decided to ask Martin over to my house to see if I could extract these two stories. I streamed the conversation on Facebook Live and tried to clean it...
Whiplash by Joi Ito and Jeff Howe
Freesouls by Joi Ito

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