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WorldCom »

So what does this Worldcom thing mean? Many people saw it coming. I've been hearing about this possibility for a long time....

Spam »

Spam is an issue that has been discussed and discussed. Laws have even been passed about it. The reason I decided to write something now about it is because I've been using a spam filter for awhile and I think it is working. Usually. I also think it represents the proper way of thinking about Spam....

Site Soft Launch »

So it looks like my web site is finally ready for a soft launch. Now I have to figure out what to do with the Japanese version... Anyway, thanks Justin, for helping me get this far. I think this blog format is much better than my old static page which I had edit html directly. For anyone who isn't using blog software to do their web page, I highly recommend it. If you don't know what a blog is, google for it. ;-) Any comments about the site would be really helpful....

Name Dropping »

As Justin and I prepare this web site for our July 1 launch and I port over all of the old columns from Japan Inc. I am reminded about an issue that has been haunting my online and real life style. Most of the people who read my Japan Inc. column liked it because it presented a unique view, but several people commented that it was just a bunch of name dropping. I've also heard that people inside of a Japanese government agency call me a name dropper....

Traditional American Lasagne »

There is something special about good old American Lasagne done well. I personally like it better than traditional Italian Lasagne. Recently, I've been using a ragu sauce taken from the Harry's Bar Cookbook (thanks to Christine Schoepf of Ars Electronica for recommending this great book to me!) with a more traditional American Lasagne recipe. The ragu may be a little to... "fancy" tasting for the lasagne, but I'm not sure. I'm going to try to modify the sause a bit in the future... But below is my "current recipe" for my favorite lasagne. (If you like the Ragu, by the...

Met Toshio Yamagishi »

He shows that in closed systems people who focus on the relationships of the members and who do not trust work well whereas in open systems where it is more important to find many trustworthy people, it was better to assume people were trustworthy at the beginning.

CPSR Japan Chapter Formed »

We have formed a Japan chapter of Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility. Shinji Yamane, who has been working on this project for quite a while will be the chair. Kazuo Fujimoto will be the secretary and I will be the treasurer initially. I am trying to get CPSR to help me show the technical problems with the National ID program that Japan is trying to implement. We have a local movement protesting the national ID....
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