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coronavirus.jpgI reported earlier that the situation with the killer pneumonia was getting better, but it looks like it's getting worse. AP reports that over 1000 people in Hong Kong have been quarantined and travel alerts are increasing. The WHO has called on countries to screen international air travelers for symptoms.

via Dan Gillmor

UPDATE: BBC reports that they've probably identifed the virus and it's called the Corona virus. via Marc's Voice


Quarantines in Toronto too. and testing people at the canadian/us border. getting pretty serious and kind of scary.

as a resident of hong kong i must say that this sars outbreak is really freaking me out. i used to laugh at the "salarymen" in japan donning facemasks, but no more. i'm one of many people here that uses a mask when i'm outdoors. it was very weird to see people in the grocery store today wearing surgical masks. as one of the most densely populated cities in the world, i wouldn't be surprised if things got worse than better first. my son hasn't been out of the house for a few days now. i feel like a prisoner in my own home.

Just so you won't think that the paranoia is only in Asia, travellers LEAVING Toronto will be checked, because Toronto is now considered to be a main location for the spread of the disease. Many hospitals are closing down, except for emergencies, and all medical staff are wearing facemasks.

Me? I have a cold. From breathing too much red tide when I was in Florida last week.

ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN) -- Health experts have not ruled out that a mystery illness that has sickened 1,550 people worldwide and killed 54 might be airborne.

SARS is indeed scary. It's bad over here in Singapore too, with 4 dead. I've created a website on SARS to give more info to the general public:

See for more SARS information by a blogger.

I'm looking for bloggers living in Asia in places affected by SARS writing abut SARS to link to, or to have as guest authors. Please email me or leave a comment on my site if you know of any.