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OK I figured out my next python project. A bot that polls technorati for inbound links to my blog and sends them to me as they come in via IM (Jabber). This is probably going to challenge my programming skills, especially since I know nothing about Jabber... yet. So, if someone is already working on this or has already done this. Stop me now!

Also, if you know of any relevant python modules I should look at, that would be greatly appreciated. I plan to try out Mark Pilgrim's PyTechnorati.


hmm... now whatever happened to that wiki public ToDo list??? "buried" in the archives?! :-) is the only Python jabber library that I know of. It's not exactly the easiest thing in the world to use, but it's there. has a list of libraries for Jabber.

Smack for Java is really easy to use, though it's in Java.

Good luck :)

Thanks Matt. I'll try it out. Andrew, the Todo is still there

I guess I should put the public ToDo in my sidebar.

Why not just email them to yourself? (Does Jabber handle saving messages when you're offline?)

I guess I'm expecting IM to start having more and more features to understand your state and "politely" interrupt you. Not really great yet, but I expect that that's what IM is supposed to be about. On my Mac, I can have it bounce, wait 60 sec. speak, then give up on trying to reach me. A bit more intelligent than mail.

There exists something similar, but not code available: Notiblog (spanish).

Hi, the code for Notiblog its avilable via email :-), if you want ir just write me

Taufpate, what does Notiblog do specifically? I can't read the Spanish. (Sorry!) Hmmm... Maybe I should use a translator...

hey, this is my first message here. are you using a jabber client, or a standard AIM client?
If you are using a standard AIM client, just use a TOC library. because Jabber sucks.

i've used this library:

to write a bot that harasses you about your diet plans, so that you can keep track of how fat you are, ala the hacker's diet. please email me if you have any questions about building AIM bots.

Maybe helpful for you:
* jabber-blog-it
* jabberbotfarm -- small collection of simple bots for Jabber

Did it. Got a bot that sends me an email and a jabber chat message if I get a technorati inbound link. Code is too ugly to share. ;-) If anyone needs help, I'm happy to help tho. Still having problems with the xml sax minidom...

Notiblog it's a msn bot client in perl, you write a kword associed with an rss feed and he answer the last news in that feed

sorry by my poor english

This is a different usage of Jabber and it's written in C# .NET instead of Python, but maybe it might give you some ideas:

It's a plugin for the Yahoo! Music Engine that allows it to be remotely controlled over Jabber.

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