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More Nokia Python

It looks like people haven’t been slow to get using Nokia’s Python project, and Matt Croydon has been collating projects and news on his Python for Series 60 wiki page.

Seeing as there’s no central clearing house(other than Forum Nokia) for Nokia Python projects right now, I reckon this is as good a focal point as any.

The official public release of Python on Series 60 just came out on the 22nd of December. You can get it on Forum Nokia site.

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OMG. I met Guido van Rossum this morning. Guido is the father of python, my favorite only programming language. He was in Helsinki meeting with the Nokia folks working on python Symbian phones. He will be talking to developers later today.

I have a long history with python. The Ultraseek search engine by Steve Kirsch at Infoseek was written in python and many of the people in Digital Garage which I was co-CEO of at the time were developing the Japanese version and working in python. Later, Cyrus et al at Digital Garage use Zope, a python package to build a commerce site. More recently, I learned python using Dive Into Python by Mark Pilgrim as my tutorial and I wrote the first useful script in my life, Technobot. In the process of writing the script, I went for help on #python on Freenode which regenerated my interest in IRC and led to the birth of #joiito. I owe a lot to python and therefore to Guido. So thanks!

I just got Amaretto, Python for the Nokia series 60. I've got it running on my Nokia 6600. I'm so excited. Not I have to figure out what to write.

I just saw python running on the Nokia 6600. Soo cool. I can't wait to get my hands on it. You may have heard, but python is coming first, not perl. My next python script will be a bot from my phone.

If you hang out on #joiito or are interested in learning more and plan to be at ETech, please vote for, sign up for and contribute ideas to the session we are planning. We're going to try to play with RFID's and the Jeannie's cafe idea and we need a head-count so please sign up early if you're interested. Hopefully Hecklebot will be there as well.

Dive into Python 4.4 is out. I learned Python by reading Dive into Python and it is the best tutorial I've ever used. Dive into Python is in the process of becoming a book.

Mark Pilgrim (aka f8dy on #joiito) blogs that Dive Into Python is going to be published as a book. James Cox (aka imajes on #joiito) will be the editor. This is great news. Dive Into Python is how I learned Python. I've read several other tutorials, but Dive Into Python is the best I've seen. It's also interesting to note that f8dy and imajes met on #joiito. I was when I was reading Dive Into Python that I went to the #python on Freenode for help. This inspired me to start #joiito. Kind of circular karma. ;-)

I love my birthday roll. Because of my birthday bot, I know that today is Xeni, Jason and Reid's birthday. Imagine that. Three of my favorite people have the same birthday! I also love my birthday roll, because I can send personal email to people on their birthdays and spread my "pings" over the year instead of writing hundreds of Christmas cards. I should dump holiday gifts and cards all together and switch to birthdays.

Many conferences have wifi for the audience these days. People blog the conferences or chat during the conferences. There is definitely a back channel and a lot of people who track conferences online. At a recent conference in Helsinki, Kevin Marks, who was in California, wrote a limerick heckling Tom Coates on IRC. The difficulty is feeding some of the good stuff back to the speakers. This is where HeckleBot comes in. HeckleBot is an IRC bot that sits in the IRC channel for a conference. You give it commands like "?heckle Stop pointificating!" on IRC. The bot talks to a linux box connected to an LED display facing the speakers. The LED displays the message to the speakers. This way, the speakers can get immediate feedback from the audience as well people watching a video stream or reading people blogging the event.

I promise to try to get the HeckleBot set up at as many conferences I attend if people will help me build it. There are some links to the various pieces on the wiki page about HeckleBot. Please sign up or contribute on the Wiki.

rvr just modified jibot, the resident bot on the #joiito irc channel to allow you to post to #joiito bot blog from IRC. (It's using the Blogger API). #joiito bot blog is running on Bloxus, a blog package developed by rvr.

rvr - alchemist 1st class

I've just upgraded my Technobot. It is run every 10 minutes on my server and goes to technorati, gets my cosomos, and does the following:

  • Makes my technorati sidebar for my blog
  • If there are new inbound links, it sends the link info to to the following places:
This is yet another step in the rather blasphemous experiment to connect all of the social software I can find together into one big blob. It's rather interesting watching people discover or rediscover new communication modes and the new meta-modes that the connections enable. For instance, I think that wikis and IRC seem to work well together since wikis are an easy way to log some of the interesting things in the rather transient conversations on IRC. Blogs are cool in IRC because it's a nice way to find out more about each other or to link to things one has said without quoting it in IRC.

Now I'm beginning to have the too-many-windows-to-focus-on-syndrome. Maybe I need another screen. ;-)

Thanks to rvr for helping me with the irc stuff...

Victor R. Ruiz aka rvr on IRC has made a bot for that's hanging out on #joiito. The wiki page is here. It's written in python and uses cvs. I'm going to learn how to use cvs and will try to hack the bot this weekend...

Happy Birthday Anita! My birthday script finally worked. It was broken until today. Sorry to the people who's birthdays I missed.

I wrote a script that gets your technorati cosmos and creates a sidebar file of inbound blogs like the one on my blog and sends you email and jabber chats when there are new inbound links. It's written in python. It's ugly and totally amateur, but Dave Sifry said that making it available now was more "in the spirit of things" than trying to clean it up before I made it available. It's a bit embarrasing, but like with my Emergent Democracy Paper, I hope the releasing it early and getting feedback will be a good learning experience. Anyway, feedback is greatly appreciated and I hope to continue working on it. It is available on the TechnoBot Wiki Page. Please feel free to add feature requests or make comments about the way I am doing this.

GPL license of course.

Got my Technorati bot done this morning. It checks technorati through the xml api every 10 minutes for my cosmos. If there is a new inbound link to my blog, it sends me an email and a jabber chat message with the details. Used by Mark Piligrim and jabberpy0.4-0. Now I can make jabber bots. Beware beware. ;-)

OK I figured out my next python project. A bot that polls technorati for inbound links to my blog and sends them to me as they come in via IM (Jabber). This is probably going to challenge my programming skills, especially since I know nothing about Jabber... yet. So, if someone is already working on this or has already done this. Stop me now!

Also, if you know of any relevant python modules I should look at, that would be greatly appreciated. I plan to try out Mark Pilgrim's PyTechnorati.

So I updated my birthday script. It sends me mail when it's someone's birthday and creates a daily birthday roll for my side bar. I've added a field for nicknames and url's. If you already entered your birthday, but would like to add a nickname and/or a url, please fill out the form again. I'll merge the data properly. Also, if you would not like to show up in my birthdayroll, please select "no" for "show up on birthdayroll".