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This is a test message posted using Quicksilver and the Atom API Plugin.


So cool! I just did the same thing on my blog and it worked like magic.

One question - did you have to add the links later? It choked on them for me and wouldn't put up the entire post until they were removed.

Actually, I cheated and added the links later. Didn't realize they wouldn't go thru the plugin. Hey ytrewq1! Bug report!

Thanks for the report.

I'll look in to it.

Wow, that was quick. I love the internet all over again.

In this case, I think we were lucky w.r.t. timing (-;

For future reference, there's a topic at the Quicksilver forums for the plugin.

I've implemented a fix and tested it w/ Blogger. I'll try to test it w/ MT later. Joi, I think I may need your help w/ this.

I released a new version. Check out the topic mentioned in one of the previous comments.

Is there any relation between the Quicksilver Atom Plugin discussed here and the privacy email software at ?