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I love my birthday roll. Because of my birthday bot, I know that today is Xeni, Jason and Reid's birthday. Imagine that. Three of my favorite people have the same birthday! I also love my birthday roll, because I can send personal email to people on their birthdays and spread my "pings" over the year instead of writing hundreds of Christmas cards. I should dump holiday gifts and cards all together and switch to birthdays.


I didn't know it until I saw two of my cool new friends with me on the birthday roll. Two people I met through Joi. Tis a small world and the 6 degrees of Joi is in full effect :-)

"because I can send personal email to people on their birthdays"


Oops. ;-) I was traveling that day. Happy 5 days after your birthday Pete!

Cool - Event as micro-content type. Joi has instantiated yet another new meme - MetaEventAPIs. Shouldn't we be able to subscribe to centralized birthday, anti-war rally or SFRave event feeds? I sure hope (n)Echo-Atom supports that! Doc just had his birthday too. And my son and wife!

Happy Birthday!

I'm with ya on dumping Christmas in favor of birthday's. Celebrating individuals is quite nice and memorable.


I want a birthday roll.

"Oops. ;-) I was traveling that day. Happy 5 days after your birthday Pete!"

and this is personal email?!


It's not that often that I get to give *you* a hard time Joi... *clench* :)

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