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Got my Technorati bot done this morning. It checks technorati through the xml api every 10 minutes for my cosmos. If there is a new inbound link to my blog, it sends me an email and a jabber chat message with the details. Used by Mark Piligrim and jabberpy0.4-0. Now I can make jabber bots. Beware beware. ;-)


You going to release the source?

It's really ugly and really stupid.... I'm kinda embarassed.

Understandable ;-)

Can I invest in your bot building company?! ;)


PS. I want the source!

Also... can someone use your CGI as a relay? Seems like they could. Let me try it!

OK I'll clean it up a bit an release the source this weekend.

Also.... For a second I thought your "email this entry to" form was a CC for this comment which would invite spam.

... disregard my relay comment...

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Technorati bot done from Roland Tanglao's Weblog
September 15, 2003 7:52 PM

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