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I just saw python running on the Nokia 6600. Soo cool. I can't wait to get my hands on it. You may have heard, but python is coming first, not perl. My next python script will be a bot from my phone.


I have a friend who can IM from his phone. His connected to the internet through GPRS and for 17€/month he can chat with me as much as he wants. Its a 6600 as well. We're already waiting for someone to hack Skype for his phone... ;) would make VoIP ridiculously easy to use.

Hey Joi,
Sorry to act as if I have been living under a rock :) but what do you mean by Python is coming first? Not Perl! Could you link me to an article or just tell me yourself? I like Python myself, I think Perl is great too, I just like Python better since I have seen way too much obfuscated code in Perl.

Thanks for your time...

- Santosh

Hi Santosh,

If you are interested in using IM on your 6600 then AgileMessenger is a must. Connects to AOL, MSM, Yahoo, ICQ and Jabber, via GPRS on the phone or potentially via Bluetooth to your Laptop to DSL (didn't try it out yet). It takes very little data indeed and works like a charm.

Oh, it's free :)

And as for Python... damn, I will finally need to look closer at Python. Damn Damn Damn. So much to od ;)

Santosh, the guys at Nokia working on the project told me today that python is coming before perl.

Your first task will be to port jibot. Then, when you receive a call, jibot can tell you interesting (and potentially embarassing) factoids about the person who's ringing you!

i've just recently had success porting python to my sony ericsson p900..

the port isn't release ready yet, but watch out!