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I wrote a script that gets your technorati cosmos and creates a sidebar file of inbound blogs like the one on my blog and sends you email and jabber chats when there are new inbound links. It's written in python. It's ugly and totally amateur, but Dave Sifry said that making it available now was more "in the spirit of things" than trying to clean it up before I made it available. It's a bit embarrasing, but like with my Emergent Democracy Paper, I hope the releasing it early and getting feedback will be a good learning experience. Anyway, feedback is greatly appreciated and I hope to continue working on it. It is available on the TechnoBot Wiki Page. Please feel free to add feature requests or make comments about the way I am doing this.

GPL license of course.

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Nobody cares about the quality of the source code. Honestly... the worst that could happen is that you either never publish it or that nobody downloads it.

After working on Open Source for around 10 years now the one lesson that has been reiterated to me time after time is to release early release often.

What better time to release software than when it is crap so that people can improve on it!


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