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Innovation in Open Networks - Creative Commons, the Next Layer of Openness »

A few months ago, McKinsey & Co. asked me to write an article for their online magazine What Matters. The edited article, "Creative Commons: Enabling the next level of innovation" was just posted to their site. Following is the unedited original version. -- The explosion of innovation around the Internet is driven by an ecosystem of people who work in an open network defined by open standards. However, the technical ability to connect in an increasingly seamless way has begun to highlight friction and failure in the system caused by the complicated copyright system that was originally designed to "protect"...

Creative Commons fall fundraising campaign »

We just started our Creative Commons fall fund raising campaign. I first want to thank everyone who has supported and continue to support Creative Commons. Thanks especially to those who have been sending money even just the last few days. In this difficult economy, support from individuals has become exceedingly essential in our ambitious goal of establishing CC as a global standard and a household name. As a small nonprofit, we feel the pressure of limited resources and a strained economy. Our staff's workload is at capacity, so now I turn to you to help us bring CC to places...
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