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In case you missed it - the new Jib Jab...

Potter Potter...

And you won't get this unless you were part of the Badger Badger Badger infection awhile back.

via Eno

Flash/AfterEffects/Video Design Person Wanted

Submitted by Glenn Otis Brown on 2004-11-24 07:21 PM.

We'd like to produce a short, new animated/motion graphics film, and we need a great designer and/or animator to help us do so on a fairly tight deadline. You should know how to animate in Flash or After Effects (or both) and have experience with any necessary drawing tools, like Adobe Illustrator. You should have the confidence and skill to help us produce a film of at least the caliber of our previous pieces. No need to be a writer (we'll collaborate on the script) or an audio engineer (though if you are one or know one, that's great). Location in the Bay Area and enthusiasm for the work of Creative Commons are big bonuses. Send an email ASAP to if you are interested. Please include (1) a CV, (2) a list of the animated or graphic design pieces you've done, (3) a link to any such pieces that are now online, and (4) all your contact information. Thanks!

If you can help or know someone who can, please pass this info on. Thanks.

The Meatrix. A parody flash animation with a political message. Nice.

I've blogged about Joe before, but he's an old buddy of mine from "back in the day." He made Starship Warlock, one of the coolest CD ROM games during that period. Recently, Joe's been doing Flash animations/stories with music. The last series he did, Radiskull and Devil Doll rocked. It really defined a new style. Now he's got a preview of his new series, Dicky & Jackie online. Thanks for coming to the CC party Joe. Now you've got to release some stuff under CC. ;-)

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