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SMS and SARS article by Xeni in Wired »

Good article by Xeni (a boing boing blogger) in Wired about the role of SMS in disseminating information about SARS and the attitude among Asians about SARS.As SARS gallows humor is forwarded from cell phone to cell phone throughout the region, are "cough" ring tones next? <cough><cough>

You can catch SARS on the plane »

New York TimesGlobetrotting Traveler Infected With SARS[...]Airlines have been saying that the filters aboard modern planes do a good job of removing viruses from the air. But according to the health department here, at least 13 people have fallen sick with SARS after they shared a flight from Hong Kong to Beijing last month with an elderly man who had become infected with the disease while visiting his brother in a hospital here.

SARS could be biological weapon: experts »

ABC NewsSARS could be biological weapon: expertsRussian infectious disease experts say Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) may be a man-made biological weapon.

Graph of SARS Epidemic »

(c) Ted Kaehler 2003Here is a site with a graph of the SARS epidemic. Incidentally, it is powered by Squeak.Epidemics usually follow S-shaped curves. The predictions here are based on pure exponential growth. When the middle of the S-shaped curve is reached, the rate of infection will slow, and exponential growth predictions will no longer be useful. The reported data shows that the epidemic is still in an exponential growth phase.

Does SARS come from animals? Deja vu? - via ProMED »

A few quotes from the proMED-mail, which is a good list to follow for on the ground updates from the global medical community.

SARS Roundup April 4 JST »

I just had lunch with a friend from Hong Kong. He said people are pretty freaked out. All of the schools are closed and hotels are at 10% capacity. He says that you can actually trace the infections back to a doctor from China who visited Hong Kong for a wedding. He sneezed in an elevator and all of the people who were in the elevator are now dead. There was a rumor that the people who got the disease from him all died, but the people who got the disease from those people haven't all died and that...

China coming clean on SARS after supressing information » coming clean on spread of killer illness By Hamish McDonald, Herald Correspondent in Beijing, and agencies April 3 2003 China's wall of silence on the lethal pneumonia epidemic started to break open yesterday when health officials in southern Guangdong province reported 361 new cases of the illness and nine more deaths during March. This appears to contradict earlier claims that the outbreak was "under control". At the same time, a team of four experts sent by the World Health Organisation was given permission to visit Guangdong, the suspected origin of the new disease, after waiting five days in Beijing...

SARS getting worse 1000 quarantined in Hong Kong »

I reported earlier that the situation with the killer pneumonia was getting better, but it looks like it's getting worse. AP reports that over 1000 people in Hong Kong have been quarantined and travel alerts are increasing. The WHO has called on countries to screen international air travelers for symptoms.via Dan Gillmor

SARS virus identified - no easy cure, but not so infectious »

"It is rather slow-moving, rather restricted to families and hospitals, not a rip-roaring affair, but still very nasty. "There are no anti-viral drugs against this family of viruses, and there are no vaccines available. It will be a question of several years work. "But it is not fantastically infectious, so I wouldn't expect there to be a massive outbreak in other parts of the world."

Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) Spreads Worldwide »

Yesterday, the NYT reported the outbreak of a killer pneumonia in Asia. I was freaking out getting ready to blog about it when the WHO just announced that it has gone global.
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