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Santa Claus is on instant messenger »

If you have an AOL Instant Messenger account, try messaging SantaClaus. via Snowchyld...


LOAFLoaf is a way to share your address book without abandoning your privacy.Yet another cool idea hatched on IRC by Joshua and Maciej with help from Peter and Dan. It's a distributed email hack that uses Bloom Filters to allow you to check whether mail is from people you know, partial strangers or complete strangers. Lots of obvious applications in spam filters and social networks. Good stuff. Check out the web page....

CSS in RSS removed »

I've removed the CSS Stylesheets in my RSS feed until further notice. I'll let the discussions play out and will wait for the tool builders to decide what is best before I start pushing on this. Thanks for all of the interesting feedback everyone....

CSS in RSS feed »

Richard showed me how to put my style sheet (Which Boris made) in my feeds (RSS 1.0/RSS 2.0). Take a look at it in your news reader and tell me what you think. Also, if you think this is "funky" please let me know why. It is sort of a weird thing, but at least in NetNewsWire, it looks pretty good. Richard describes how to do it on his blog....

Speaking of turtles... »

Speaking of turtles... don't forget the badgers...

Erving Goffman describes Dvorak »

Mimi and danah both refer to Erving Goffman's book, "The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life" so I've started reading it with digital identities and blogging in mind.GoffmanIt should be understood that the cynic, with all of his professional disinvolvement, may obtain unprofessional pleasures from his masquerade, experiencing a kind of gleeful spiritual aggression from the fact that he can toy at will with something his audience must take seriously.This TOTALLY reminded me of Dvorak. He always as a gleeful look when he talks about his performances.GoffmanIt is not assumed, of course, that all cynical performers are interested in deluding their audiences for purposes of what is called "self-interest" or private gain. A cynical individual may delude his audience for what he considers to be their own good, or for the good of the community, etc.Dvorak again. By the way, I love Dvorak and think he's hilarious, but it's watching the performance that I love.

Inhaling nanodust »

Reading in the New York Times about the health hazards of inhaling carbon nanotubes reminded me of Snowcrash. I wonder what would happen if you inhaled these RFID's.

Weird dream about standards »

I had a weird dream last night. I had a dream that I was spinning records and I had a little chart. On one axis was the record label and on the other was the record player. When ever I played a record, I had to check the label and cross it with the record player to know what the right speed setting for the record was. In real life, I remember being annoyed when records didn't have 45 rpm or 33 rpm on their labels when I was a DJ.Anyway, a few observations. I'm totally losing it because I remember thinking in the dream, "oh, I should blog this..." Which, I think, is a bad sign. This dream was probably partially triggered by my discussion with James Seng yesterday about identifier standards (which I will blog about later when I understand exactly what we talked about) and partially triggered by thoughts about CSS incompatibilities when trying to redesign my blog. (Which luckily Boris is handling for me right now.) The little chart I had in the dream reminded me of the CSS/browser support charts in the O'Reilly CSS Pocket Reference.Anyway, isn't it great when we have standards that work and really ugly when we have bad standards or no standards at all? I'm not trying to take a political stand here, just observing and paying homage the the necessity of good standards.

Page Slapping in Jargon Watch »

I wrote about page slapping in August in the context of IRC. Grant just chumped that Wired Jargon Watch just listed it in the context of email. I wonder who coined the word.

Birthday script fixed »

The script to add your birthday to my birthday roll was broken. Sorry about that. It's fixed now.

Technorati getinfo »

Sifry has just added a new API call to Technorati called getinfo. It lets you get information that a blogger has made available about themselves on their blog like a link to their FOAF file, LOAF file or their GeoURL. The great thing about this is if you've claimed your blog, this is a verifiable way to link your Technorati ID with your blog. LOTS of amazing things this could enable... (There will be a quiz at the end.)So... who's going to program jibot to retrieve people's Technorati info?Here is how to get my getinfo

If I were Microsoft... »

If I were Microsoft I would probably like micro-content and metadata. IE and the browser wars were the pits for them. They should hate html by now. Microsoft also hates Google. Google hates metadata. Google likes scraping html, mixing it with their secret sauce and creating the all-mighty page ranking. Anything that detracts value from this rocket science or makes things complicated for Google or easy for other people is probably a bad thing for Google.If the Net started to look more and more like XML based syndication and subscriptions with lots of links in the feeds to metadata and other namespaces, it would be more and more difficult to create page ranking out of plain old html.My guess is that Microsoft knows this and intends to be there when it happens instead of totally missing it at the beginning like when the Internet got started. I have a feeling they will embrace a lot of the open standards that we are creating in the blog space now, but that they will add their usual garbage afterwards in the name spaces and metadata so that at the end of the day it all turns funky and Microsoft.Just a thought...

Proximity blogging »

I was sitting next to Cory yesterday. Today I'm sitting next to David Weinberger. When I sit next to someone, I sit around and read their blog, inevitably leading to finding something interesting on the blog that I need to blog about. Obvious, but interesting on this warm, balmy day.

Eternal Flame »

David WeinbergerI hereby name AKMA the executor of my site. When I die, my heirs will pay all reasonable expenses (up to $30/year) to keep my site publicly available as well as a small stipend to AKMA to prune the hedges and scrub the grafitti off every now and then.I hereby declare the same.AKMA, maybe you should start a business...


There's a lot of talk about LOAF these days on #joiito. It's getting pretty hard to keep track of all of these new acronyms. It seems to be an emerging standard, and there isn't much about it on the web yet. jibot on #joiito seems to know the most about it. The only reference I've seen on the web is on britta's blog.
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