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Are you in the US Oct 18-20? I'm going to PopTech then --- --- I got an extra ticket for my sister, but she can't come... so I was trying to sell it. It's an excellent conference up in Camden, Maine (leaves changing colors)...

hosted by John Sculley, Bob Metcalfe and others -- great themes each year and a great group. This year it's Artificial Worlds -- about communities and games and VR, etc etc etc. Lots of people you know are going. Any chance you'd be interested? Conference is mainly Friday, Saturday and Sunday am -- with an reception on Thursday night.

-- Megan

Howard Rheingold, Dan Gillmor, Linda Stone, Simson Garfinkel, Jaron Lanier, Amy Bruckman等。知っている人がいっぱい。それとJohn Sculley, Bob Metcalfe, Alexander Shulgin, Vernor Vinge, Stephen Wolfram等。知らない人もいっぱい。 Camden, Maine... 一日しか出れないけど行きます!


Alexander Shulginに是非会ってきてください。彼は20世紀が生んだ偉大な思想家です。

”Sasha" Shulginにはハワードが紹介してくれました。会議はとっても面白かったです。ブロッグの英語の方に色々メモしました。

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