Page 7 of CKK's Final Decree on Microsoft
No provision of this Final Judgment shall:

1. Require Microsoft to document, disclose or license to third parties: (a) portions of APIs or Documentation or portions or layers of Communications Protocols the disclosure of which would compromise the security of a particular installation or group of installations of anti-piracy, anti-virus, software licensing, digital rights management, encryption or authentication systems, including without limitation, keys, authorization tokens or enforcement criteria; or (b) any API, interface or other information related to any Microsoft product if lawfully directed not to do so by a governmental agency of competent jurisdiction.

(b)をよく読むとアメリカ政府が何かMSのソフトの中で秘密にしておきたい事があるように聞こえます。考えすがかも知らないけど、アメリカ政府とMSが変な盗聴用のバックドアがあったらこういう書き方で逃げるだろうな。 この話は最近David Farberのリストに出てきて、Dan Gillmorは5月にもう指摘してます

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