Dan Gillmor
Microsoft Buying Macromedia?

A rumor is flying that Microsoft may buy Macromedia. If this is true -- here's a story from ComputerWire -- it will be a disaster for what's left of the software business.

Macromedia is one of the only serious independent software companies around. It has been a real innovator, and its cross-platform (Windows and Mac, anyway) products are widely used and praised. To see it swallowed by the monopoly would be disheartening on all kinds of grounds, but if ComputerWire's theory (a tactic to kill enterprise Java by owning Flash) is correct, such a deal would be flagrantly anticompetitive.

Actually, there's no pro-competitive spin whatsoever to put on a buyout like this. Not that the antitrust authorities in Washington would care -- they've made it clear that they are in favor of Microsoft's monopoly and whatever that produces in the so-called marketplace.

I hope this isn't true.

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ついでに言うと、Disneyに買われるのも、なかなかなものです。ね、Joi。 :-)

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