Philip Jacob氏によるスパムに関してのレポートをちょうど読み終えたところです。情報が非常にうまくまとめられたこのトピックに関しての素晴らしい情報源です。ますます広がりつつスパムに屈することによってDavid S. Isenberg氏が言うところのStupid Network[インターネットによるネットワークのこと(編-日本語でのエッセイ参照)]を放棄することは決してできないですよね。
Label / Punishというしくみでのスパム対策はいいアイディアだと思いますが、punishment loop というようなお互いにチェックしあうしくみは国際的に行うことは難しいと思います。
(translated by ichi)

以下 Mr. Lawrence Lessig のweblogより

Lawrence Lessig
A kind-hearted email and a nice analysis of spam have given me an idea:

First the analysis: Philip Jacob has a great piece about spam and RBLs. The essay not only identifies the many problems with RBLs, but it nicely maps a mix of strategies that could be considered in their place. But, alas, missing from the list is one I've pushed: A law requiring simple labeling, and a bounty for anyone who tracks down spammers violating the law.

Then I got an email from a kind soul warning me about my work—"do you know how powerful your enemies are?" this person asked. No, I thought, I don't, but let's see. If I've got such powerful enemies, then I've got a good way to do some good.

Here goes: So (a) if a law like the one I propose is passed on a national level, and (b) it does not substantially reduce the level of spam, then (c) I will resign my job. I get to decide whether (a) is true; Declan can decide whether (b) is true. If (a) and (b) are both true, then I'll do (c) at the end of the following academic year.

So: Is there anyone else advancing a spam solution who would offer this kind of warranty?

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