As of today, you can play full-length tracks and entire albums for free on the website.

Something we've wanted for years--for people who visit to be able to play any track for free--is now possible. With the support of the folks behind EMI, Sony BMG, Universal and Warner--and the artists they work with--plus thousands of independent artists and labels, we've made the biggest legal collection of music available to play online for free, the way we believe it should be.

Free full-length tracks are obviously great news for listeners, but also great for artists and labels, who get paid every time someone streams a song. Music on is perpetually monetized. This is good because artists get paid based on how popular a song is with their fans, instead of a fixed amount.

We will be paying artists directly.

We already have licenses with the various royalty collection societies, but now unsigned artists can put their music on and be paid directly for every song played. This helps to level the playing-field--now you can make music, upload it to and earn money for each play. If you make music, you can sign up to participate for free.

これはすごいニュースだと思う。著作権管理をするいくつかの代理店は、Creative Commonsライセンスを禁止するといった、さまざまな制約を加えている。Last.fmによる今回の決断は、こうした領域のアーティストが自分の音楽でお金を稼ぐための新たな選択肢を与える。


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