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Comment from a friend who works at a major US TV Network on Kevin Sites Blog issue »

I blogged earlier that I thought that CNN telling Kevin Sites to stop blogging sucked. I recently talked to a friend of mine who works at a major US TV Network and was presented a more balanced view on the issue. I have received permission to quote the following from an email exchange.

Chatting about Open Standards with President Ando of Sony »

Went to see President Ando of Sony. He is second in command under Chairman Idei and is more and more in charge of representing Sony in the US. He gave the speech at CES this year and some some very interesting things. First he pushed open standards.ZDNetOne of the major obstacles for Sony and others looking to establish networks and make content more widely available has been the relatively slow adoption of broadband access, but Ando noted that broadband is becoming more popular in countries such as Korea and Japan and is beginning to pick up subscribers in the United States. Ando said Sony will also work to use open standards in future products to make it easier for consumers to more widely access content on devices and urged other companies to help to establish these standards to help the industry progress. Then he complained about the difficulty of the current record label business.Steven LevyAfter the keynote, Ando unwound at a dinner for a few journalists, where talk turned to the knotty problem of digital rights. He startled everyone by speculating that in the long term, given the nature of Internet copying, record labels may not have a future. "When you have a problem like this," he says, sighing, "I really wish we were a simple hardware company."My kind of guy. We talked about blogs (of course) open standards and how cool it would be for Sony to really embrace open standards and let the blog tools and services talk to Sony products through open standards that we worked on together.

Chandler Wiki »

Mitch Kapor blogs about documentation coming for the 0.1 release of Chandler by the Open Source Applications Foundation. They are using a Wiki for the collaborative development environment. Great example of how Wiki's are cool.

SARS update »

Is UN politics getting in the way of best practices?APTaiwanese accuse U.N. health agency of ignoring them; say it could aggravate spread of mystery illnessvia Technorati Hot Links.Also, Karuna Shinsho, former CNN and NHK anchorwoman now living in Hong Kong, has written a first hand report on

The Buzz »

Tim Oren also seems to think that the buzz is back and that we've hit a bottom.

The Luxuriant Flowing Hair Club for Politicians? »

LFHCfS The Luxuriant Flowing Hair Club for Scientists (LFHCfS) is a club for scientists who have, or believe they have, luxuriant flowing hair. The project was first announced in mini-AIR 2001-02. I wonder if there is a Luxuriant Flowing Hair Club for Politicians? I would nominate Koizumi-san.Via Xeni on Boing Boing

I'm back... »

I finally got my broken 15 inch PowerBook fixed and I've spent the last 2 days, messing with it to get everything installed.

Computer woes... »

Sorry. Have spent the day trying to switch computers with disasterous results. I won't bore you with the details, but apologies for not writing anything today.

SARS getting worse 1000 quarantined in Hong Kong »

I reported earlier that the situation with the killer pneumonia was getting better, but it looks like it's getting worse. AP reports that over 1000 people in Hong Kong have been quarantined and travel alerts are increasing. The WHO has called on countries to screen international air travelers for symptoms.via Dan Gillmor

Satire blogs »

A roundup of hilarious satire blogs. Blogs by GW Bush, Saddam Hussein and Kim Jong Il.Kim Jong Il Live Journal link via woj@MetaFilter

The elusive Mr. Fujimori »

Photo from CNN.comSo Interpol has issued a "Red Notice" asking countries to extradite former Peruvian President Mr. Fujimori.

Ben & Mena - a song by S. Frank »

Steven Frank has composed a song about blogging called Ben and Mena. He blogs about it here, and the 3.8MB mp3 file is here. Probably interesting to hardcore bloggers only, but VERY funny. ;-)Via Chris Pirillo

You can watch Iraqi TV on the Net... Not »

Boing BoingHow to watch Iraqi Satellite TV on the web: The Saddam Show Paul Boutin has all the details in Slate, right here. [...]UPDATE: Oops. Too bad we just blew it up. AP reports one version of the story, and CBS reports another, as follows

Blogger Code »

Just like geeks have a geek code, bloggers now have a blogger code. Mine is: B9 d+ t+ k++ s u f++ i++ o+ x-- e+ l c--Here is is a site to generate your code and here is a site to decode it.

Two new Technorati services, Hot Links and Breaking News »

Technorati, my favorite blog oriented engine just announced two new services. Breaking News and Hot Links.

My first segway ride »

Taiichi Fox brought a Segway over to the office today and let us take it for a spin. It was great.

Salam, the blogger in Baghdad, mentioned on CNN »

InstapunditCNN MENTIONED SALAM PAX -- and gave his URL. This isn't cool.More reason to hope the troops get to Baghdad soon, and keep Saddam's goons busy in the meantime.IMHO, I think that Iraqi intelligence probably already reads Salam's blog so the CNN coverage MIGHT increase his risk, but at this point, I think the more people who read Salam's blog, the better.

Japanese guy with long hair makes a chonmage »

A Japanese guy (site in Japanese but great pictures) with long hair cuts his hair to make a chonmage.

Frank Boosman agreeing Al Jazeera »

Frank Boosman is pro-war and he and I have had several debates/discussions about this. On the issue of the treatment of POW's, he's on Al Jazeera's side and provides good reasons which I agree with and couldn't have said better.

Salam is back online »

Salam, our blogger in Baghdad was out of touch for a few days and I was getting worried. He's back online and says his Internet access was down, but it's back up.

Christiaan on mutual respect and the Arab world »

Christiaan van der Valk posted a thoughtful item about mutual respect and the Arab world on the GLT list.

My faceroll »

How do you like my new faceroll? It's on in my left sidebar. Jason explains how to do it here. You have to be a paying member of to use it. I have mine set up to pick 5 people randomly. If you see your picture and you don't want to be in the faceroll or have another picture you'd rather I used, let me know.

Lunch with Adriaan, developer of Kung-Log »

Just had lunch with Adriaan, the developer of Kung-Log, my favorite OS X client for Movable Type.

Tony Laszlo article in ACCJ - "Blogging, klogging and syndication" »

Good entry level article (not just because he quotes me ;-) ). Talks about blogging, klogging, RSS, moblogging as well as blogging in Japan. It's available in pdf in the American Chamber of Commerce Japan Journal on

Fat club weigh-in »

So I went on a walk as Dave Winer suggested. Then, I called Yuichi, my fat club partner and we decided to play squash and have a weigh-in.

TouchGraph GoogleBrowser V1.01 »

TouchGraph GoogleBrowser V1.01 is a cool Java tool to let you see your Google neighbors. Uses Google API. Reminds me a bit of the Blogstreet visualizer.

Switching to bloglet »

My email notifications list is a combination of people who had subscribed to my blog, my old mailing list and random friends. I stopped sending blog entries via email when I started increasing my output. Some people have told me that they would rather receive email notifications. I just set up a Bloglet account and now you can get this blog via email. If you are receiving this via email, this will be the last time you get email from me. If you would like to subscribe by email, please go to my site and subscribe. The box to enter...

Bush and Blair lipsynching video »

Very funny video of lipsynching Bush and Blair. 3.8mb .mpg file.Via WombatNation

No more alcohol until I lose more weight... »

So new rule. No more alcohol until I hit my target.

Technorati Current Events »

Technorati's current events, a new feature on Technorati is a great source for news. Very up-to-date and interesting.

Lisa Rein has footage on her blog of police hitting protestors in SF »

If you haven't seen it already, Lisa has video footage of police hitting protestors in San Francisco.

CNN stops warblogger »

Kevin SitesPausing the warblog, for now.Dear readers:I've been asked to suspend my war blogging for awhile.That sucks.

SARS virus identified - no easy cure, but not so infectious »

"It is rather slow-moving, rather restricted to families and hospitals, not a rip-roaring affair, but still very nasty. "There are no anti-viral drugs against this family of viruses, and there are no vaccines available. It will be a question of several years work. "But it is not fantastically infectious, so I wouldn't expect there to be a massive outbreak in other parts of the world."

A Minimal Compact Public Beta »

I'm a bit late in commenting on this, but Adam released it in the middle of my Silicon Valley immersive experience and had a hard time concentrating. His paper which is available as a pdf file or on his web page is an interesting idea.

The First International Moblogging Conference »

Adam Greefield is proposing to hold a conference about moblogging in Tokyo this summer. Sounds like a good idea. Especially the fact that it's in Tokyo. ;-)

Robert Berger the radio guru heading back to Silicon Valley »

Saw Robert Berger yesterday. He is yet another very cool person I met through John Markoff. (Thanks John!) Robert is a radio guru.

Is the Baghdad Blogger really in Baghdad? »

Q: Is the Baghdad Blogger for real?A: Probably.

Capability of Japan to defend itself against attack from North Korea »

There is a great deal of debate in the Diet recently about Japan's military capability.

Al Gore joins Apple's board »

Al Gore and Apple sure picked an interesting day to announce this. I wonder if they are going to declare war on Microsoft?

Lessig collecting information about business model and software patents »

I think business method and software patents are a very bad idea. I've been arguing against them for a long time. Larry has an idea to solicit specific examples and opinions from people. He will verify the information and make a web page. This should help the policy makers and lawyers understand what technologists are always complaining about.

Saddam will ban photoshop... »

If Saddam survives, he'll probably ban photoshop.Via hidely on Metafilter

Ashcroft proposing bill in US to allow secret arrests and what does this mean for us non-US citizens? »

Better not to say, do our buy anything if you plan on visiting to the US any time soon.

Bang & Olufsen mp3 player to be compatible with iTunes »

Bang & Olufsen has responded to requests from Macintosh users and is making the company’s portable mp3 player compatible with Apple’s iTunes.

Dinner with the Swiss Ambassador to Japan, Jacques Reverdin »

The Swiss Ambassador to Japan, Jacques ReverdinHad dinner last night at the Swiss Ambassador's residence for the second time in one week.

Have a day Anil »

Anil coins a new smiley. :|

Reforming the Japan Association of Corporate Executives »

Just got out of a meeting of the Association of Corporate Executives or the Keizaidoyukai where I am a secretariat member and was the youngest member when I joined.

Matthew Cadbury on truth and the power of words »

Matthew Cadbury, the always insightful GLT posted this on our list today. Relevant to the revolution and the pursuit of truth thread today.

Ivan the meme translated into Chinese »

"Ivan the meme" has been translated in to Chinese by Isaac. Thanks!

Considering a revolution in Japan »

Several of us have been talking about a revolution in Japan recently and I've been interviewing many people about their thoughts on the need, the possibility and the correct process.

Rant about war from Salam in Baghdad »

Good rant from Salam, a blogger in Baghdad about the war.SalamWhat is bringing on this rant is the question that has been bugging for days now: how could "support democracy in Iraq" become to mean "bomb the hell out of Iraq"? why did it end up that democracy won't happen unless we go thru war? Nobody minded an un-democratic Iraq for a very long time, now people have decided to bomb us to democracy? Well, thank you! how thoughtful.

Response to Doug Fox - Questions on Emergent Democracy »

Doug Fox asks some great questions about Emergent Democracy.I'll try to respond to some of them.

Goldblogging »

So here is a great example of why we need to be able to link to stuff and not be endorsing them.

Scoble wonder if ED stifles leadership and radical ideas »

The emergent democracy paper was scobleized thus:

Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) Spreads Worldwide »

Yesterday, the NYT reported the outbreak of a killer pneumonia in Asia. I was freaking out getting ready to blog about it when the WHO just announced that it has gone global.

Video clip of my rant on the Blueprint for Japan 2020 panel in Davos »

So, after a discussion about fair use and copyright, I decided to upload a short rant that I did on the panel in Davos about the Blueprint for Japan 2020 this year. It is a QT .mov file and is 4MB. It was taped from an NHK broadcast of a Davos special.

Fair use question about uploading stuff from TV »

I have a fair use question that maybe someone can answer for me. NHK taped and broadcasted the Blueprint for Japan 2020 panel in Davos. I am one of the speakers. I taped the broadcast and would like to put it on my web page.

Industry execs claim file trading funds terrorism »

IDG News ServiceDoes File Trading Fund Terrorism?Industry execs claim peer-to-peer networks pose more than just legal problems.

How Hydrogen Can Save America »

Great article in Wired about the Hydrogen Economy by Peter Schwartz and Doug Randall.

Sébastien Paquet on the challenge of converting leaders »

Sébastien Paquet quotes Tom Munnecke's comments on Dee Hock's letter, Dee Hock's article leader-followers and the World of Ends and has an "ah ha" moment about why David and Doc's vision is difficult to implement.

Looks like I missed a great party »

Looks like I missed a great party. The Blogger/Google party that is. Chris has a posted lot of pictures with some very funny captions.

adding more information to links »

Jon LebkowskyWhuffie in LinksThe Emergent Democracy tribe's been discussing a possible enhancement of href links.

Video interview I did for Glocom about Japanese IT and ventures »

I did an interview about IT and venture businesses in Japan for Glocom. Video streams just went online.

Clap to vote »

A custom that is common in Japan is that instead of the US style "motion", "second", "all in favor say..." process, many Japanese boards clap to vote yes. There isn't a clear way to show your lack of support for an issue other than not to clap. From a governance perspective, this clap to vote method seems to lack... robustness. ;-p

Soufle, a google based link sharing community site »

Albert just sent me a link to their new site which allows registered users to save bookmarks in folders and browse and search each other's sites.

"Freedom Fries" »

;-) I can't image the French ever liked Americans calling fried potatoes "french fries" anyway.House restaurants change name of 'french fries' and 'french toast'

Howard's advice to Korea's cyberspace generation »

Alexa shows us that of the top5 websites in the world, 2 are Korean and they rank above Google which is 5th. Korea's new President is a self-proclaimed Internet president. Howard Rheingold sends the Korean cyberspace generation a message.

Status of situation in Iraq »

Click here to see the status of the situation on Iraq.Thanks Rebecca!

mail2entry moblog code update »

Aron Atkins has updated mail2entry, the PERL script that Sen wrote for posting email with attached pictures to MT.

Emergent Democracy 1.3 »

I just finished version 1.3 of the emergent democracy paper.

Lessig is back! »

Larry has lifted his self-imposed gag order. He had filed a petition to have the case reheard, but it has been turned down so he will now need the support of the public to take this debate to the next level. Lets give him our support!

Today's RSS roundup »

Very early on, Howard warned me not to blog about the news that people will see in other places. I think this is very good advice generally. I've gotten some feedback about some of the stuff I've posted which seems to be heavily blogged already (showing up on Daypop and Blogdex). It appears many people haven't seen it yet and appreciate pointers to important stuff, even if it is a bit late. So, I'm going to write short "roundups" of links to things that bloggers seem to think are important. Heavy bloggers can ignore these.Comments on the format and this idea would be appreciated.

Blogger in Baghdad »

Salam Pax blogs from Baghdad. He seems legit and he is a regular guy with a sense of humor. Definitely worth checking out. His blog is called "Where is Raed?".Thanks for the link John!

I'll be back... »

Dave quotes MacArthur and says, "I shall return." I'll use a more modern quote... "I'll be back." Thank you Silicon Valley for getting me buzzed again. I will definitely be back soon. (I'll throw another party too.) In his latest essay, Dave says, "These days the Japanese are our friends. Partners in economic misery. Moore's Law continues to rage, but somehow our economies are stuck. I think I know why, it's because intellectually we have gotten lazy." I'm on my way back to Japan today. I will try to wake everyone up and start a buzz there too.Lets wake up and move on.

Kim says, "The buzz is back..." »

Just had drinks (diet coke) with Kim Polese. She says, "The buzz is back." I agree. People are buzzing in Silicon Valley and you can feel it.

An email from Dee Hock about the emergent democracy paper »

Dee Hock, the founder of VISA and well known for his work on leadership and "chaordics" wrote me an very thoughtful email in response to my emergent democracy paper. He talks about blogging, the Internet, VISA, culture, democracy, power, corporations, leadership and many issues that are relevant to our current discussion.

Robert Scoble shows me the birthplace of Silicon Valley »

Had dinner last night with Robert Scoble, Miriam, and Dave Winer at Dave's favorite Thai restaurant. After dinner, Robert took me to see the "birthplace of Silicon Valley."

Emegent democracy brainstorming with John Vasconcellos and friends »

From left to right: John Vasconcellos, Brian Murphy, Mitch Saunders, Susan HoffmanCalifornia State Senator John Vasconcellos is an old friend and my mentor on many issues. He helped make self-esteem an important part of modern politics and is currently working on the Politics of Trust. When I am trying to think of new things, I often go to him for advice. I assumed he would know something about democracy so I sent him my emergent democracy paper and asked him for his thoughts.

Lunch with Ross Mayfield »

Had lunch with Ross Mayfield yesterday. Ross wrote a piece called The Ecosystem of Networks which described the three different networks: the political network, the social network and the creative network. This piece provided an essential framework for my paper on Emergent Democracy.

World of Ends »

This has already been blogged to death so I apologized to the heavy bloggers, but I have some readers who don't read other blogs so...

Roogle an RSS search engine! »

A RSS search engine, Roogle. What a great idea!

Chillin' with Larry Page »

Went over to Google to hang out with Larry Page.

Breakfast with Noah Glass »

Had breakfast with Noah Glass. He's the guy who made audblog.

Woz and his Segways »

Went to see The Woz. As I reported before, he's working on some cool new technology at Wheels of Zeus. The Woz has a bunch of Segways and he is getting a license to be a Segway trainer. I got notice from Amazon that I should call them and prepare to receive my Segway. The Woz said he would give me my training course.

My sister Mimi in Japan Media Review on the social rules of wireless society »

Mizuko Ito[...]Just as Weblogs are distributing journalistic authority on the Internet, mobile media further de-centers information exchange by channeling it through networks that are persistently available to the mobile many.

Scott Love, the man behind NoteTaker »

Scott is great. So is NoteTaker. First of all, I have become TOTALLY addicted to NoteTaker.

Dinner chat with Larry Lessig on Emergent Democracy »

Had dinner tonight with Lawrence Lessig to talk about emergent democracy and other things. Larry pointed out some interesting work called deliberative polling being done by Professor James S. Fishkin.

Robert Kaye from Musicbrainz »

Yesterday, I had dinner with Robert Kaye. He is the founder of Musicbrainz.

Brought to you by the letter "J" »

At the party, Gnome Girl, Chris and I were talking about how it would be cool to have personal icons in the blogroll. We went over to Jason of and begged him to include it. .

Emergent Democracy Paper 1.2 translated into French by François Granger »

François Granger just finished translating my Emergent Democracy paper v 1.2 into French. Thanks François!

Ivan the meme translated into Italian »

Cristiano Siri translated Ivan the meme into Italian. Thanks Cristiano!

Making room for more new friends... »

Coming to Silicon Valley is always a good excuse to throw a party. Last time I came, Kara Swisher and Megan Smith hosted the party at their house and it was great. (Thanks again Kara and Megan!) This time, I decided that I should probably invite more people so we had it at restaurant called Zibibbo.

Joi Ito's Web site stats »

I have never published my site stats before, but my March 1 analog run just finished, I'm sitting in a hotel room with nothing to blog and nothing to do, so might as well...

Pictures from Menorca »

I just published my pictures from Menorca on .mac so you can finally see them without a password.

Dave Winer on mood of the conference »

Dave WinerKevin Werbach did a kickass talk. Interesting, packed with info, passionate. But the rest of these guys are part of a fraternity, they talk about things that mean nothing to me. I'm a stranger here. I don't get it. Kevin came from this place to software. This is where he shines.

Lunch with Matthew Haughey and Cory Doctorow »

Cory the uber-notetaker/bloggerMatthew Haughey of Metafilter taking pictures of Cory's low-res Sidekick camera with his super-high-res camera

This is the FCC's chance to give US vendors a HUGE advantage in wireless »

If the FCC embraces the thoughts being discussed here and opens up the spectrum to the commons, US vendors working in the US market could have a HUGE advantage over vendors in countries where local regulators either don't "get it" or are more hand-tied by the dinosaurs.

Spectrum Policy: Property or Commons? »

I'm at the Stanford Law School conference on Spectrum. I just set up a Topic Exchange channel for the conference.

blacklists and databases of travelers »

CNNU.S. plan: Threat level for every flierACLU objects, calls background checks unconstitutional

Want to hear what happens when you mix Whitney Houston and Kraftwerk? »

dsicoeven more stupid dsico mashups, remixes and pop destruction: even better than the real thing

Shure E5c - I'm in sound heaven »

I wrote that the Shure E2cs were the best headphone/earphones I've ever had. Well, today I just got my E5cs and they're better. There's this amazing feeling when you think you're in heaven and you find there is something better. I've had similar experiences with wine and Chinese tea. When you taste the good stuff, you can't go back and then you start wondering if there is anything better.Anyway, the details...The E5cs main difference is that it has a cross-over circuit and fits 2 drivers in each earphone so you get an amazing dynamic range. The bass reverberates through you head like you're in a disco or something. The E2cs were great on the high ends, but these E5cs do the whole range amazingly well.The cord is shorter and lighter, not exactly sure why. You can use the triple-flange sleeves which seem to go deeper into your head. They feel a bit weird, but I think I'm going to like them better than the normal flex sleeves.The only thing is that they're $500 vs. $100 for the E2cs. Are they 5X better than the E2cs? Well, think of the power law and wine. It costs more and more as you get closer and closer to the peak. It's a matter of your priorities I guess. I don't think that they will be worth $500 to some people, but I'm happy. You could get a round trip ticket between SF and Tokyo for $600 or you could go and buy a few expensive Japanese musk melons. it all depends on what makes you happy I guess. ;-)You can buy them on Shure's site. And, no, they don't pay me to do this. ;-pUPDATE: Matt from Shure has started a blog. Check it out!UPDATE: I've started a new gadget blog called Joi Ito's Stuff
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